Monday, 14 July 2008

Create Your Own Reality - An Interview with Sharyn Abbott

Today I interviewed Sharyn Abbott, author of "Create Your Own Reality: The Ancient Wisdom". The interview was scheduled last 60 minutes but it lasted nearly 90 minutes. In truth, I felt as though I could have spent the rest of the evening talking to Sharyn.

Listen to Interview with Sharyn Abbott

Sharyn's new book is dedicated to helping individuals live their lifes on purpose - certainly a very hot topic. People want their lives to have meaning and relevance. People want to live happy and fulfilled lives. People want to leave behind a worthy legacy.

Yet for many, despite how technologically advanced we have become, the quest to live a purpose-filled life is frustratingly elusive.

"We're still struggling with family relationships, financial security, health issues, spiritual conflicts, and even differences between ethnicities."

And, despite evidence that our lives are not on track we often persist down the same route because of our resistance to accept change in our lives.

Many of us become so consumed with survival that we either don't see or ignore the myriad of choices that are presented to us.

So listen to this candid interview and discover:

~ How you can discover your purpose in life,

~ Some of the obstacles that get in the way of people living their lives on purpose,

~ The importance of discovering your passion in life and having the courage to live your passion,

~ How you can conquer your fear by mastering what you fear,

~ How within your biggest challenges lie your greatest gifts,

~ The importance of fully living life in the present moment…

…And much more.

Click the link below to listen to this interview:

Create Your Own Reality

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