Monday, 14 July 2008

Bill Bartmann: The Mindset of a Billionaire - Part 1 of 5

Bill Bartmann, in an interview with Persuasion Expert, Dave Lakhani, talked about the mindset of a billionaire - what sets them apart from the average person.

Now, while becoming a billionaire may not be your goal or ambition, just think of what you could accomplish if you had a billionaire mindset. Developing these attributes is guaranteed to help you to achieve any goal in life. So, in a five-part mini-series, I'll be taking a brief look at each of the 5 key elements of billionaire thinking as identified by Bill Bartmann.

Also, despite people saying that they don't want a lot of money for whatever reason, the fact remains that the more money you have the better you're able to fully express yourself and enjoy all that this life has to offer. So expanding your mind generally and where money is concerned is a positive and constructive activity.

If you are currently experiencing financial challenges then a certain level of thinking got you to that place. In fact Ken Foster, author of "Ask and You Will Succeed" would go as far as to say you’re your best thinking got you to the place you are currently in. Therefore, it is painfully obvious that the same level of thinking will not empower you to overcome your current challenges. You'll have to elevate your thinking for problems are not solved at the level they were created or as Stephen Pierce says:

"To liberate your finances you have to liberate your thinking."

So the first characteristic of billionaires is that they:

Think BIG!

When goal setting people all too often set goals according to what they believe they can achieve instead of setting goals based on what they want. Worse still, some people are simply afraid to even express what they want. Can you see how this leads to a frustrated and unfulfilled life.

We limit ourselves because we often think of ourselves as physical beings. Yet we are spiritual beings having a physical existence or experience. Our spiritual self is limitless.

When we tap into our intuitive self we tap into our spirit and it is then we start to realise our true potential. However, the majority of us do this in a haphazard and inconsistent manner which is reflected in our results. We are afraid to trust something so intangible and ethereal. Yet our very survival depends on something which we cannot see or touch.

So when setting goals , instead of thinking about what is possible, think about what you desire, deep down in your heart. We limit ourselves by thinking about what is possible for us to achieve. What if you were to take the stance of Napoleon Bonaparte who said:

"Impossible is not in my dictionary."

Imagine a life where you are completely fearless what would you choose to have in your life?

Don't think about how you are going to achieve what you want simply think about what you want and get comfortable with the thought of having what you want and the feelings that accompany that thought. When you can accomplish this you will have achieved the first step of achieving your dreams.

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