Thursday, 19 June 2008

Spiritual Selling - Learn How to Apply the Attractor Factor to Selling and Leave the Days of the Hard Sell Behind

"Spiritual Selling: How to Use the Attractor Sales System™ to Create Abundance in Your Business" by Joe Nunziata is a book which I highly recommend.

Many individuals confess that they hate selling and yet we all need to sell. It's the manner in which we are often sold to - the hard sell - that makes the act of selling distasteful to us. So it's great to see selling approached from a more holistic perspective.

This book teaches you how you can combine proven sales techniques with spiritual selling to attract the perfect client to you rather than forever being the 'hunter'. It's a much more efficient and effective manner to approach selling.

The link below is for an AudioPostcard containing an interview with Joe Nunziata where he discusses:

~ The distinction between traditional selling and spiritual selling,

~ Why should pay more attention to what you are feeling as opposed to what you are doing

~ How you personal energy influences what you attract in your life, including the type of clients you attract,

~ How you can attract your ideal client,

~ The importance of writing down your goals,

~ The importance of clearly expressing you intention for what you want,

~ Why you should let go of your ego,

~ The importance of simply being yourself,

~ The importance of accepting others as they are,

~ How we unwittingly create conflict in our lives,

~ The importance of being non-judgemental and accepting others as they are,

~ How we can maintain high energy levels,

~ The importance of fully living in the present,

~ How you can use meditation to connect to your higher self.

Listen to Joe Nunziata Interview

This is an interview that is part of the Speak Your Way to Wealth preview teleseminar series. Speak Your Way to Wealth is a special event taking place in Los Angeles from 22-24 August with a line-up of at least 12 speakers including Joe Nunziata, Dave Lakhani, Ken Foster, Pamela Harper, Adam Urbanski, Lee Pound, Arvee Robinson. Mark Victor Hansen who hosts his own MEGA Speaking event is also now expected to attend. These speakers will teach you:

~ How you can use public speaking to promote your business and significantly increase your business's income,

~ How you can learn to speak with confidence,

~ How to effectively use humour in public speaking,

~ How you can speak and take fabulous cruises for free,

~ How you can use sales scripts to explode your business,

~ How you can use the art and science of persuasion to dramatically grow your business,

~ How to write and publish your book now,

~ How to use NLP to deliver powerful presentations,

And much more.

This is the third year for this event. Each year it attracts some of the world's best speakers and teachers and it is growing in size. Approximately 300 are expected to attend this year (this is the capacity of the venue and cannot be changed at this stage) and the tickets are nearly all sold out.

Plus, this will be the last year that this three day event will be offered at such a low price. The cost of this event will at least double in 2009 so I encourage you to take advantage of the current low price and the opportunity to network with a great bunch of people as well as learn from world-class speakers.

"There's not another event like Speak Your Way to Wealth. It's for people who want to build their businesses, effectively get clients and get speaking and presentation skills."
Linda Hollander, Wealthy Bag Lady

This year's event will take place at the elegant and chic boutique hotel - Ayres - right on Manhattan Beach. It's just minutes from Los Angeles International Airport, the famed Santa Monica Bay beaches, downtown Los Angeles, legendary Hollywood, and magnificent Beverly Hills shopping. So you can combine an exciting holiday with an excellent learning and business growing experience.

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So check out Speak Your Way to Wealth - you'll be glad you did.

"It's amazing! The calibre of the speakers, what you can learn, so much content, so much learning, you can expand your business beyond what you ever thought possible. Do whatever you can to get here!"
Lynn Rose, Singer, Motivator, Speaker and Emcee

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  1. The connection between spiritually and business success is obvious to those who want to scratch beneath the surface. In my new HR book, Wingtips with Spurs (, the longest chapter in the book is devoted to the spirit and the successful career. It also covers the connectiveness of our actions and the important of spiritual wisdom. Michael L. Gooch, SPHR Author of Wingtips with Spurs: Cowboy Wisdom for Today’s Business Leaders