Monday, 9 June 2008

Listen to Dr John Demartini's Akasha 2007 Presentation (2/4)

Here's the second part of Dr John Dematini's Akasha 2007 presentation. This segment includes:

~ How expressing your gratitude assists you in manifesting your goals,

~ The connection between your self worth and your net worth,

~ How the hierarchy of your values determines your destiny,

~ The distinction between inspiration and motivation,

~ How your values affect how you manage your wealth,

~ Why you must align your goals to your values and your values to your goals,

~ The importance of knowing your definition of success,

~ The importance of being absolutely clear about your vision.

And much more

Dr John Demartini Akasha 2007 Pt2

So listen carefully. There is a lot a great wisdom in this message.

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