Sunday, 8 June 2008

Listen to Dr John Demartini's Akasha 2007 Presentation (1/4)

At Akasha, hosted by Triumphant Events last year at the prestigious London Palladium Theatre, Dr John Demartini's presentation captured the hearts and imaginations of the audience.

He gave a truly thought-provoking, inspirational and humorous speech in which he skilfully interweaved storytelling, philosophy, science and history to impart a greater understanding of us as human beings.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to listen to this speech then I urge you to do so now. The presentation was about two hours long and so I've broken it down into four more manageable chunks each lasting about 30 minutes.

You can access the first part of the presentation by clicking the AudioPostcard link below.

Dr John Demartini Akasha 2007 Pt1

As Demartini admits, it does start off somewhat abstract looking at the very origin of our universe but it lays the foundation for an illuminating talk on subjects including:

~ How the process of manifestation, otherwise referred to as the Law of Attraction, actually works,

~ The importance of expanding your awareness and vision to achieve your goals,

~ How our world is evolving and the impact this has on our own evolution,

~The Law of Reflection and its significance to the heroes in our lives,

~ The distinction between entitlement and empowerment,

And more.

Do visit again tomorrow for the next instalment.

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