Friday, 17 August 2007

Ignore the Power of Your Words at Your Peril!

A recent email from my electricity company said:

"Unfortunately, you have failed to reduce your annual electricity usage from year one to year two."

It may seem like a small thing but I really objected to their use of the word 'fail'. It reminded me how the careless use of language can have a negative impact upon an individual, especially in the case of a young person.

We are often too eager to use the word 'fail' and to call someone a 'failure'. For individuals who see failure as a growth opportunity all well and good but, for many, being branded as a failure only serves to demotivate and demoralise.

The email could have just as easily have said that my electricity usage in year two was more than that in year one. That would have been an accurate statement.

From my perspective I used enough energy to fulfil my needs for cooking, washing, cleaning, working, entertaining, etc. I had set no goal to use either more or less electricity. I simply used what I needed to live and work in a modern society.

How we use language is critical for our words create our reality. So be mindful of how you talk to yourself as well as what you listen to or read. If you are not aware of the negative language patterns in what you are saying or otherwise being exposed to it can contribute to the negative programming of your mind and to creating unwanted results in your life.

Ignore the power of your words at your peril.

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