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How Your Success in Earning Money is Influenced by Your Core Beliefs

If you lack success in earning money examine your core beliefs. Randy Gage, author of "Why You're Dumb, Sick and Broke and How You Can be Smart, Healthy and Rich" believes that 97% of all people have one or more of the following as their core beliefs:

1. Money is bad
2. Rich people are evil
3. It's spiritual or noble to be poor

What's more, if you grew up in a modern society where you had access to television, films, and the like then these beliefs would have been programmed into you from an early age. Many parents are happy to let their children spend hours watching TV because it keeps them quiet. However, television can also do untold damage to children's psyche.

I'm not saying that all TV is bad but the poor programmes appear to outweigh the positive programmes. Even seemingly innocent programmes such as cartoons often perpetuate the aforementioned beliefs. What's more children are not discerning enough to truly understand the subliminal messaging within the programmes and so they absorb these messages, unquestionably, like sponges. As children grow into young people and then adults then these messages become crystallised into the core of their being. They form their core beliefs and influence everything they do.

Notice how, in the TV or movie world, bad things happen to people who are rich. Rich people are often portrayed as dysfunctional, unpleasant characters. Take JR Ewing of Dallas - a lovable rogue, but a rogue nonetheless.

Let's take a look at Superman. Superman started out as a cartoon figure but with advent of television series and several movies this character truly does seem larger than life. Superman, like numerous other superheroes (Spiderman, Wonderwoman, Batman, Harry Potter) is an orphan. We are emotional creatures and so this immediately endears us to the character. He is brought up by the Kents, a hardworking couple who are doing okay but are certainly not wealthy by western standards.

"You have to work hard for money."

Clark Kent's arch enemy is Lex Luther of Luther Corp - the rich guy who owns just about everything and who is rotten to the core. It is a common theme that the rich guys own big business and so the seeds of distrust are sewn against big businesses and those who run them.

Now there will always be a few rotten apples and so when corruption within such companies is exposed it re-affirms our negative beliefs about big companies and the people who run them. Yet, Robert Kiyosaki, author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", will tell you that part of the formula for becoming rich is to own your business. Can you see how the very idea of owning a business would produce conflict in some individuals because of the belief that rich business owners are bad?

These are just a sample of the negative implications that one can draw from television programmes and movies whose primary target audience are children.

So children and young people watch these programs. What's more, when they play they often enact scenes from these programs further engraining the negative messages.

When you weigh up the number of hours spent watching such programmes compared to the time spent doing positive activities you can see how it is sometimes so difficult to erase the negative programming. Often you may think you have effectively dealt with a specific negative or limiting belief when it shows up again in a different guise. This is why you have to:

(i) Choose effective techniques to counter your negative or limiting beliefs,
(ii) Have a range of techniques at your disposal, and
(iii) Develop personal development habits that you practise on a daily basis.

The negative subliminal messages are nearly always present in your environment. They exist like a background program. Once you recognise their sources then you can limit your exposure to them. However, it is also vital that you strengthen your mind so that:

(i) You are more aware of the negative subliminal messages as awareness will less their adverse impact, and
(ii) You build your immune system against these 'viruses' that threaten to corrupt your positive programming.

In addition to removing your negative programming and eliminating your negative core beliefs it's vital that you replace those limiting core beliefs with new empowering beliefs. How about?

1. Money is good
2. Rich people are virtuous
3. It is a sin to be poor

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