Monday, 8 January 2007

You Gotta Change Your Perception to Achieve Your Goals

There was a time when most Europeans believed the world was flat. This was people's level of comprehension at that time. However, ancient Greek science postulated that the world was a sphere. You see the ancient Greeks had a much higher level of comprehension.

To quote Anais Nin,

"We don't see things as they are; we see things as we are."

When we are able to expand our level of awareness, "reality", as we know it, changes.

America's Success Coach, Jack Canfield, provides an excellent and more contemporary example of this. Jack Canfield is the co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and has penned numerous books on the subject of success. However, Jack had very humble, even poor, origins.

His mentor, W Clement Stone, challenged him:

"Set yourself a goal that's so big, and so unbelievable, that if you achieve it you will know it is a result of following my program for success."

Canfield set a goal to earn $100,000 that calendar year.

For many that would seem like a modest target but Canfield was then only earning $8,000 as a school teacher. He admits that, at the time, he saw himself as someone who earned $8,000.

Plus, Canfield came from a family who believed that only evil people had money, that money didn't grow on trees and that life itself was hard, difficult and a struggle. It was Stone's intervention in Jack's life that helped him to see that perhaps there was another reality.

So Canfield committed himself to the challenge of earning $100,000 but weeks went by and it seemed that nothing was happening. There was no sudden influx of money into his life. Still he had faith that he could achieve his goal and he visualised living a $100,000 lifestyle. It was a far cry from his then extremely modest existence.

Then one day, as he was taking a shower, an idea just popped into his head. It occurred to him that if he sold 400,000 copies of his book then he would reach his target. The book had already been published and, at the time, he made 25 cents on every sale, but he never had this idea before or sold that many books.

The next question was how could he sell 400,000 copies of his book? You see now he was starting to think like a man who earned $100,000 per year. Yet, the question remained - 400,000 books! Not even his publisher could think of a marketing strategy that would make that many sales of Canfield's book.

Some weeks later, while on a supermarket trip the magazine the National Enquirer caught his eye. He had an inspired thought: "If readers of the National Enquirer knew about my book then I could probably sell 400,000 copies."
With an estimated weekly circulation of 12 million, the National Enquirer represented a 'hot' publicity vehicle.

The next question was how could he let readers of this magazine know about his book. Normal advertising was far too expensive. Then, following a talk he gave, Canfield was approached by a freelance journalist was so impressed by his presentation that she wanted to interview him. It turned out that she sold most of her stories to the National Enquirer.

So you see, even when it appeared that nothing had changed, the Universe was conspiring to create these events and chance encounters that could help Canfield reach his goal and fortunately he took action. In many ways, these opportunities always existed but Canfield could not see them until he changed the way he saw himself.

Naturally, it wasn't just through the National Enquirer that Canfield sold his book. He and his wife keep coming up with other creative ideas to boost sales. Plus he significantly increased his fees as a speaker. Did he reach his target?

"Now, I'll tell you, at the end of the year we did not make $100,000. I think it was $92,326. But do you think my wife and I were disappointed? The answer is no, we had over ten times the income in less than a year."

Try changing your perception, how you view yourself and your life and see how your life changes.


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