Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Are You in Harmony with Your Goal?

I was recently trying to contact a friend and colleague of mine who in San Francisco. She too was trying to contact me. However, the time difference between the UK and San Francisco is eight hours and for one reason or another we kept missing each other. We simply were not in sync.

This situation reminded me of what happens when we repeatedly and unsuccessfully strive for a particular goal. When this happens we often are not in sync with that particular goal. To achieve something of higher value we have to be harmony with what we desire. There's a simple way to test that you are in harmony with what you are seeking. Think about your goal and then reflect upon how you feel about it. If you feel unduly anxious, uncomfortable maybe even indifferent about your goal you then you are most likely not in harmony with your goal and the chances of you achieving your goal will be slim to none.

Everything in the Universe is made of energy. To achieve something of higher value you have to raise your energy to match that of what you desire.

Imagine two cars travelling in the same direction as in a rally, except, from the start, one car is streaks ahead. You are in the car that is lagging behind for unfortunately, the car you are driving performs like an old banger. It will chug along faithfully but there is just no way it's gonna out-perform the car that is ahead - a high performance vehicle and a car built for racing.

But you are determined. You nurse your car back to the garage and then, fondly and lovingly, you take her apart and rebuild her from the inside out. The old car was always beautiful, after all you cared for it well, it just wasn't performing to its full potential and its performance was not up to the task of an arduous rally drive.

It takes time but finally your car is ready. On the outside, it looks deceptively the same but on the inside it's a totally new and very powerful machine.

Once again you set out to pursue your dream and this time things are different. The car you are chasing is so far ahead it is out of sight but you know it's there and you believe you can catch up to it.

Your car is eating up the road and is handling the off-road surfaces equally well. There are obstacles along the way and, at first you navigate them cautiously, then you become more daring and you seem to fly right over them. You feel exhilarated and with each obstacle you overcome you gain fresh insights.

There are crazy hairpin bends in the road but with your new-found confidence you navigate them expertly. There are also signposts along the way, many with enticing names to try to divert you from your chosen journey but you ignore them and stay focused on your planned destination.

Then suddenly, up ahead you see your dream car. Bit by bit you close the gap until you can almost read the license plate. You maintain your focus and apply even more pressure to the gas pedal. You and your car both surge with energy.

Finally, you pull alongside. You turn your head and look at the other car. You can clearly see inside the vehicle - every detail. It's almost as if the other car was standing still but it's just that you are both travelling at the same speed, with the same energy of vibration.

A feeling of elation comes over you mixed with an inner feeling of calmness. You are travelling at break-neck speed yet not travelling at all. You are in complete harmony with your dream car.

The driver suddenly turns and smiles at you. You gasp before you and your car undergoes a metamorphosis - your car becomes the dream car and the driver of the dream car is you.

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