Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Programme Your Mindset to Success to Improve the Quality of Your Life

One of my favourite quotes is from the sci-fi series, Andromeda,

"Beneath knowing, understanding
Beneath understanding, seeing
Beneath seeing, recognising
Beneath recognising, knowing"

Vision of Faith CY 10003, Andromeda

I think it's a profound and beautiful quote that sums up the mindset of truly successful people. You see the movers and shakers of this world don't have to be told, they know that they create their destiny and they wouldn't have it any other way. This "knowing" is embedded in the core of their being. They are the director and star in their life story. They attract the people and resources they need to create their blockbuster.

Successful people accept full responsibility for their lives and, in so doing, have the 'ability to respond' to situations in their lives instead of react to them. Average folk also attract people and resources into their lives but they do so in an unconscious level. This results in them not always attracting what they want. They are inclined to blame other people and circumstances for their dilemma and end up reacting to the events in their lives instead of orchestrating them.

In fact, that very word "orchestrating" reminds me of yet another quote. You see, we tend to spend so much time doing that we forget the art of being. I believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical existence here on Earth and that; ultimately, the spirit is more powerful than the physical body. However, spirit works through us as physical beings and the best way to facilitate this is through quietening the mind, the conduit between body and spirit. For many people there is such a clamour in their minds that nothing positive can get through.

"When you quieten the mind, the symphony begins."

Yes, it is the mind which is usually the barrier to our achieving our heart's desire. This is why, in so many personal development or self improvement programmes there is great emphasis on developing the right mindset.

Imagine the mind as a tunnel between body and spirit. What does your tunnel look like? It is light, spacious and well-maintained or is it dark and dingy, narrow and in a derelict condition? What does your tunnel sound like? Can you hear soft, calming melodies or perhaps soothing sounds of nature or are the sounds disconcerting, loud and raucous? What does it feel like in your tunnel? Does it feel warm and inviting or cold and inhospitable?

So many people are looking for answers outside of themselves when the answer lies within. Yet we seem afraid to delve deep inside and it seems that we are incredulous of the magnitude of our hidden power. Indeed, it is said that our greatest fear is in the ownership of our unlimited power

I spoke to a friend recently who was very worried about the state of a company she was involved in. She was so worried that she felt everything might "go down the pan". I stopped her in her tracks right there and said.

"That's the worse thing you can think. I agree that the situation is serious but as soon as you start thinking that it's 'game over' that is exactly what will happen. We need to take a realistic look at the situation and we need to develop a game plan."

She was focussing on the 'evidence' around her that the company was not in a healthy state. However, all this was resulting in was producing more of the same negative results. To turn the company around she needed to turn around and look at how she wanted the company to be, then devise a plan and implement it.

It sounds simplistic and I know that there are times when the best thing is to wrap up a company but I knew, from experience, that this need not be the end result in this situation. However, success depended upon the players in this particular game being able to keep their focus on the goal.

When we look at our current results, maybe the lack and limitation that exists in our lives, we are applying Newtonian Physics that which describes the visible effects. However, Newtonian Physics is just the tip of the iceberg and while most of us have never even seen an iceberg we accept that nine-tenths of an iceberg lies beneath the surface.

The unseen portion lies within the realms of Quantum Physics and is much more powerful. However, because Quantum Physics deals with the invisible cause we have much more difficulty in believing in it. Yet believe in it we must or perish. That submerged portion sank the Titanic and it will surely sink you if you do not learn how to harness its power and use it to your benefit rather than your detriment.

"We are living in a world where all we see is the tip of the iceberg. The immense tip of a quantum mechanical iceberg."
John Hagelin, Ph.D.

If you doubt any of this and are not achieving the results you want in life then why not simply give this new approach a try? What have you got to lose? In the movie Hunt for Red October the character played by Gene Hackman said something akin to he didn't trust air he couldn't see. I always found that amusing-definitely a Newtonian man! However, every moment of everyday that we draw breath we don't question whether or not the air is there. We simply breathe.

Start believing in your power to create the life you desire, let that belief come from the core your being. Know it to be true. Operate from a position of complete trust. The Universe always responds and your reward will be to see that which you believe.

"Faith is to believe what you do not yet see;
the reward for this faith is to see what you believe."
St Augustine


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