Saturday, 2 December 2006

A Colourful Tale of Coincidences

When I woke up this morning it was in my head that I should share this tale with you and, as I tend not to question my intuition, here it is.

Most people I meet agree that we exist for a specific reason, that we have a purpose in life. There are some who take this theory further and suggest life is an elaborate game that we ourselves have devised. We choose our lives but once we set the parameters for our lives our memories are wiped clean so a huge part of our existence is in trying to remember who we are. Then we can fulfil our purpose. It's like Dolly Parton said,

"Find out who you are and, then do it on purpose."

To help us along the way our "path" is strewn with clues and as our awareness or consciousness grows we become more and more aware of these clues. Some call these clues coincidences which is the theme of my tale.

Back in 2004 I came up with the idea of a relationship management programme called Inside Out which would be integrated with colour therapy. The pilot was a 5-part programme following the acronym FAITHFear/Red, Anger/Orange, Identity/Yellow, Truth/Green), and Healing/Blue, i.e. Inside Out examines some of the major stumbling blocks to developing nurturing relationships and looks at some of the key elements to such relationships. However, essentially it's an exploratory journey inwards and outwards so you get to know you better and can bring your authentic self to your relationships.

The pilot went well but I had a niggling dissatisfaction. As it stood, Inside Out only went as far as blue in the colour spectrum. Then, one day I was looking at a diagram of the human body and the chakras and I thought to myself "Why not FAITHFUL?" I knew instantly that it would work. The themes were now Fear/Red, Anger/Orange, Identity/Yellow, Truth/Green, Harmony/Blue), Faith/Violet, Unity/White and Love/Gold. The new themes worked beautifully.

So then I set about writing Inside Out and it is here that the coincidences started to occur although I wasn't aware of them at first.

For weeks I had been trying to contact an energy therapist, Michele Roberts, who I wanted to do some readings for the participants of Inside Out. It was unlike Michele not to get back to me but the week that we were due to do Anger/Orange she finally rang. As soon as I heard her bubbly voice I not only felt a sense of relief and a light bulb went on.

"Hi, it's Michele. Sorry I didn't get back to you. I've only just got your messages. I've been in California visiting family."

Michele had been in the "Orange County".

I can't recall any special yellow moments except for a large, yellow truck stopping to allow me to cross the road. In London motorists do not readily slow down to allow pedestrians to cross. The driver's big grin, conspiratorial perhaps, was memorable. The fact is that I still wasn't actively looking for coincidences and so other things may have happened and I simply failed to notice. Maybe the truck was a signal for me to pay attention. Or, looking at it from another angle, granting me safe passage across a busy road is in itself symbolic – a sign perhaps that someone was looking out for me.

It was the following week that I really clocked that something strange was indeed occurring. I had to finish writing Truth/Green but before I did that I decided to complete some urgent paperwork. But my thoughts were already turning to the material I wanted to write for Inside Out. To facilitate the process and help get myself into a green mood I was drinking some kiwi fruit juice.

Then the phone rang. I answered and I heard a voice say: "Hi, I'm Robert Hill and I'm calling from a company called Asparagus". Well, I cracked up inside and found it hard to keep my voice level. It turned out that he was producing a "products and services" CD Rom to accompany a bridal magazine called Bliss and he needed to list a personal training company under the "Get in Shape" section. I was looking for exposure for Positive Body Image and so a deal was struck. And, even although I was offered generous terms, it was the green connection that helped clinched the deal for I had no time to research the company. May be I was gullible; still it was too much of a coincidence.

By the time I was finishing the section Harmony/Blue I was looking for coincidences. To my disappointment there were no blue moments or so I thought. You see, I caught a cold early that week and as a result struggled with my voice, almost losing it completely at times. I was even forced to change the format of one of my classes to help ease the strain on my voice. Yet, throughout, I didn't feel particularly unwell. For the most part I didn't even have a sore throat – I just had no voice. In addition to this I didn't finish the blue section that week. I had a bad case of writer's block. I managed to do more writing on the other sections but, despite all my efforts, blue just wouldn't come together.

The penny did drop eventually. Blue relates to communication and the flow of information. It is the colour of the throat chakra. I realised that losing my voice and writer's block were signs of a blockage or imbalance in my blue energy. The coincidences were now not merely things external to me. They were things happening directly to me - physically and mentally. Once I understood this I decided to just relax and go with the flow. My body would heal itself in time but to help it along I would increase my blue energy. Some things can be right under our nose and yet, if our eyes are not trained to see, we will never see them.

"We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are."
Lisa Diane

Still, I was unprepared for what happened when I was completing Faith/Violet. When I set out to write Inside Out I decided upon a template for each section. Hence, not including the title page, each section was to consist of 8 themes or 8 pages. Somehow I lost a page when writing violet and I didn't have enough have enough time to amend it before delivering the actual session.

A sign of imbalance in one's violet energy is being a perfectionist. I was aware of this but I needed peace of mind. So I wrote the extra page - Journey of Faith. The section Faith now consisted of eight pages like the preceding and remaining sections. And I finally completed Harmony/Blue.

So by now I was alert to coincidences yet I noticed nothing of significance when I was preparing Unity/White except that, as a consequence of attending Tony Robbins' Unleash the Power Within, I had started a cleansing diet. The challenge was to follow a ten-step cleansing programme for ten days. I followed it for close to three weeks and still incorporate elements of it into my daily eating habits. It was important for me to do this cleansing programme for two main reasons. I realised that my body needed to detox and I also felt that if I could not complete this one simple challenge then how was I going to have the stamina, discipline and will-power to complete the other challenges I had set myself. I enjoyed doing the cleansing programme. I felt energised and discovered new things about my body. However, apart from my personal, physical purification I can recall no other significant 'white' events.

It is ironic that I finished writing the section on Love long before I had finished several of the other sections. One could argue that I should have been writing sequentially but I just allowed the words to spew forth at will and was thankful when they did so, whatever their order. However, the section on Gold presented me with a slight dilemma.

I had discussed the crown chakra when I covered white so what more could I say about the seventh chakra. And that was the answer. There are more than seven chakras in the body. The seven along the spinal column of the body are the main chakras. However, as individuals we are more than our mere physical body. There is also our auric field and just on the periphery of this is the eighth chakra. Talk about expanding your awareness.

I had read about this some time ago but had forgotten about it. It did not have the relevance for me then as it did now and I was not ready to receive such information. Re-reading about it again in Caroline Myss' Why People Don't Heal And How They Can, I was elated. This made sense. I ended Inside Out with "Love" because of my belief that love transcends everything and so it made sense to align gold with the eighth chakra.

Now, shortly after I made this revelation I received a small envelope in the post. Inside was a copy of the Bliss magazine CD Rom to. The jacket of the CD Rom was a white rose in full bloom and nestled within its delicate petals was a simple gold ring. The main lettering was in magenta - the third colour associated with the crown chakra. Well I just laughed. Until now, I had no idea what the CD Rom would look like. It was a beautiful way to bring white and gold together and a fitting tribute to the last but not final chapter of Inside Out.

Yes, there are even more coincidences associated with this colourful tale but I share some of those with you tomorrow.

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