Friday, 7 July 2006

Set Goals for What You Really Want

Fustic House is an absolutely exquisite villa in St Lucy, Barbados. It is set in a green oasis – 10 acres of beautiful gardens – and oozes old charm and luxury. Its location, perched on top of a ridge, offers panoramic views of the sea. Fustic was designed by the flamboyant English stage designer Oliver Messel. One of my favourite features is the swimming pool which is carved out of the coral ridge and offers stunning views of the sea.

I thought it would be an ideal location to host a holistic retreat – combining Pilates classes with individual and group coaching. I made enquiries and sounded out the idea to friends who were all very enthusiastic. To motivate me I placed a copy of a brochure about Fustic on top of a chest that I have in my hall way but I was always having to clear clutter away from it.

At the end of 2005 I thought to myself,

“This is ridiculous! It’s clear that you’re not really enthused about this project. Why not replace this image with one of something you do care about?”

So the Fustic brochure went into the chest and a new magazine took its place.

It’s now more than 6 months into the year and guess what? Apart from resting my keys or phone on the chest, it remains clear of clutter. If I notice the magazine is a tiny bit crooked I am quick to straighten it. Now you’re probably thinking that I’m obsessed. I’d like to think that I’m focussed.

You’re also probably wondering “what is the magazine?” Sorry, that’s CLASSIFIED. I will say this though. It represents an even bigger project than planning a holistic retreat at Fustic. Anyway that’s beside the point.

The point is that sometimes we set goals for things that we don’t really want and then we wonder why we don’t achieve them. In the same way the brochure about Fustic was always covered, our minds find a myriad of things to distract and deflect us if the goal isn’t what we truly want. Instead of being a goal it remains an idle wish, a fantasy.

Now when we set a goal for something that we sincerely desire then we work in such a way that everything we do propels us towards the goal. Even though, at times it may appear as though we are not making progress. However, it’s like launching a rocket into space. The greatest expenditure of energy is during take-off. At the point of take-off, it almost seems as though the rocket is lumbering away from the launch-pad despite all the smoke, flames and the ear-drum shattering sound. Once the rocket escapes the earth’s atmosphere and enters into orbit its propulsion is effortless in comparison.

With the right goal our Reticular Activating System kicks into action so that our goal remains clearly in our sights. When we are energetically aligned to our goals the people and resources we need to fulfil our goal are drawn to us and our goal remains fixed in our sights. So my new magazine remains uncluttered.

If you are not making progress on one or more of your goals, ask yourself,

“Do I really want this?”

This may be a simplistic approach. There are also other factors behind why we don’t achieve our goals but it suffices to say that I was not sufficiently excited about my original goal. However, it is amazing that, when we set our sights on the right goal, how easy it is to stay focussed. Sam Kalenuik said,

“When the dream is big enough, the facts don’t matter.”

The facts are that I will have to make enormous changes to my life to achieve this goal. I will have to learn a phenomenal amount and put it into practice. I will have to face rejection and setbacks and disappointments. I will have to do the things I fear and am not comfortable about. I will have to take enormous risks but I know that it will be worth it for to risk much means that I also have much to gain.

I will also need an unwavering faith in myself even when others doubt me or give up on me.

“Faith is to believe what you do not yet see;

the reward for this faith is to see what you believe.”

St Augustine

My rocket is still on the launch pad, by the way it’s called Belvedere, but the countdown has begun. There is flurry of activity as systems, etc. are checked and re-checked. I am going through simulations and learning a vast amount of technical data so that I can pilot my rocket successfully.

And, one day, if you look up at the night sky, you just might glimpse a new star!

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