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Bill Bartmann - Down, But Never Ever Out

Bill Bartmann has led a rather extraordinary life through which he has endured many hardships and many triumphs.

The hardships he has endured include:

~ Poverty
~ Homelessness
~ Bankruptcy (Twice)
~ Paralysis
~ Alcoholism
~ Depression

He was born one of eight children. His father was a janitor and his mother cleaned other people's houses for a living. The irony of this was that his family was so poor that they were sometimes turned out of places in which they sought refuge because the building was not considered fit for human habitation. Homelife was certainly nothing much to shout about and so at age 14 he left home to join a travelling carnival.

This was certainly provided a change of scenery but the work was arduous and dirty especially for someone who weighed less than 100lbs as Bill did back then. He decided it was time to upgrade...

Gang Member
So Bill Bartmann became a member of the "Manor Boys". The Manor Boys were no choir boys. Many of the things they did were in violation of the law. Naturally, they also got into fights and they drank. By age 17 Bill was a raging alcoholic. This led to a very serious accident...

One night, in a drunken stupor, Bill Bartmann fell down stairs. He regained consciousness in a hospital where the doctor informed him that he was paralysed and that he would never walk again. It was a diagnosis that Bill Bartmann refused to accept. The story of how he overcame this adversity is truly remarkable.

While life at home was rough, after Bill Bartmann left home things often became rougher. There were times when he ate out of dumpsters and slept under a bridge viaduct. He spent one summer in a farmer's hayloft - that is until the farmer discovered his hideaway and burnt his few meagre possessions.

Bill Bartmann has been bankrupt not just once but twice. The first time was when he was in the oil industry and the price of oil suddenly plummeted from $40 a barrel to just $13. Incredibly, he overcame bankruptcy by starting a debt collection agency and went from bankruptcy to billionaire becoming the 25th richest man in the world in the process.

Then his business partner committed fraud and Bill Bartmann's life was plunged into chaos again. The federal government decided to indict Bill Bartmann on 57 counts of felony. If found guilty, he probably would never taste freedom again as the 57 felony counts represented 600 years in prison. His company folded and Bill Bartmann became bankrupt again.

And this is just a snippet of Bill Bartmann's story. The thing is that some individuals would be irrecoverably crushed if they had to deal with just one of these adversities. So how does Bill overcome adversity? How does he survive such lows and scale such incredible heights?

He believes that "in large part my experiences weren't really meant for me. They were meant for you. They were meant to be an example of what is really possible. And they were meant to be a road map of how any of us can achieve the wealth we desire, regardless of our circumstances."

Despite the many hardships he has endured, Bill is very thankful for his life, what he has accomplished and the opportunity to accomplish even more and help hundreds of thousands of people in the process.

Emmy Award winner Jim Stovall said,

"Bill Bartmann has experienced more success and failure as an entrepreneur than anyone I know. He has the spirit of a champion and the heart of a teacher."

And on Tuesday 23 November at 8:00pm EDT, Bill Bartmann will be hosting a special Thanksgiving Webinar where he will be sharing his story in his words, the lessons that can be drawn from it and strategies that you can use to conquer the obstacles that stand in the way of your health, happiness and financial freedom.

To join Bill Bartmann for this free webinar "Down, But Never Ever Out: A Journey From A Homeless Gang Member to the 25th Wealthiest American" simply click the link below:

Down, But Never Ever Out

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