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Breakthrough With Tony Robbins - Love Conquers All

Last month, Tony Robbins launched a new primetime television series on NBC called Breakthrough with Tony Robbins.

It was due to be a 6-part series in which he works with six families to help them overcome various crises they are experiencing. I really enjoyed watching the program and was really looking forward to the other episodes. I felt inspired and motivated by what I viewed. However, I'm sad to report that the show was cancelled after just two episodes.

The first episode was called "Love Conquers All" and in this episode Tony worked with Frank and Kristen Alioto.

This couple get married in Mexico but what should have been one of the happiest days of their lives turned out to be one of their most tragic and traumatic. During the wedding reception Frank jumped into a swimming pool and broke his neck. He instantly became a quadriplegic.

And so when they should have been celebrating the Aliotos found themselves in a foreign hospital, facing a very uncertain future. When they returned to the US, Frank and Kristen became prisoners of their own home - afraid to venture out into what was once familiar but now hostile territory. They still deeply loved each other but Frank was wracked with guilt and Kristen who, in a split second, had been transformed from wifr to caretaker often felt frustrated and resentful.

They both frequently and futilely thought to themselves "What if..."

What Tony Robbins accomplishes with this couple is truly remarkable. And I don't want to give too much away, for if you haven't already seen the program I strongly recommend that you watch it. All, I will say is that he in order for them to achieve their personal breakthrough he makes them take a leap of faith.

If you live in the US you can watch replays of Breakthrough with Tony Robbins at You can also watch highlights and behind-the-scenes videos of the program at:

Another treat in store for you at this website is Tony's analysis of his strategy in helping each family to achieve their breakthrough. He also challenges you to go for your own personal breakthrough. It's a great program to watch if you want to 'escape' your current situation and learn tools on how to achieve something more significant with your life. However, it's not a program watch if you're seeking mere escapism.

With so much mind-numbing television I found this program to be a breath of fresh air and very timely as, especially in this current economic climate, so many families are experiencing crises of one kind or another at this time. And people are looking for solutions.

It's important to note that these families did not nominate themselves for this program. Knowing all too well, how many people nowadays are simply seeking their "five minutes of fame", families for this program were nominated by others.

And the circumstances that each of the families in crisis found themselves in are circumstances that everyone can relate to in one way or another. For instance, even although you may not be a quadriplegic, it's highly likely that you've experienced feeling trapped in some area of your life. However, Tony Robbins reveals that one of the reasons he chose to work with the Aliotos is because when he conducted a survey of North Americans to find out what they were most fearful of the majority of individuals said that they were most fearful of becoming a quadriplegic and not being able to take care of themselves. Interesting, huh?

Now this program was filmed about a year ago and so another thing I like about this program is that on the Breakthrough with Tony Robbins website you can find out where these families are today. The breakthroughs are lasting and, as for the Aliotos, they've had to face other very tough challenges since the filming of the program but they are doing things that even I haven't done yet.

So remember:

"Whatever happens in your life, you are more than any moment. There's no challenge you can't overcome. The events of our lives don't control our lives - our decisions do."
Tony Robbins

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