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Broaden Your Skill Set to Achieve Greater Success, Part 2 of 2

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In order to broaden your skill set it's also important that you are open to learning and that when knowledge is available to you that you study it and put it into action. Many people buy books, DVDs, courses and some never even open them far less read the content. Some people acquire certain books just so they can have an impressive-looking library and while some people are well-read they never seem to get to the stage where they actually apply their knowledge.

And the conclusion to the story I started to relate in Part 1 of this article illustrates this very point.

The health crisis Caroline Myss' brother experienced reached a stage where his wife felt she could no longer stand idly. Together with Caroline she stormed into the psychiatrist's office where the wife threw the bag of drugs onto the floor saying:

"You're going to tell me how this is healing my husband."

Meanwhile, Caroline Myss was taking in the psychiatrist's office and was taken aback when she noticed a familiar book on bookshelf.

The book was called "Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing".

Now, in addition to outrage she also felt a sense of surrealism. Her eyes kept darting from the psychiatrist to the bookshelf as though she couldn't quite comprehend what she was seeing.

Then she walked over to the bookshelf, pulled the book off the shelf and then walked back towards the psychiatrist where she thrust it under her nose.

"I wrote this book," she declared whereupon the psychiatrist replied eagerly:

"Would you autograph it for me?"

Personally, I find it hard to believe that the psychiatrist had even read this book. How could someone read this book and not understand that some 'illnesses' cannot be healed by pills?

But perhaps she had read the book but didn't have the skills to put this knowledge into action. That's fine because the reading of one book does not make you an expert but one would hope that she would be willing to recognise her limitations in this area and seek to expand her knowledge and skill set so that she could better serve those who sought her expertise.

So examine the areas of your life where you'd like to experience growth. Ask yourself what are skills you need in order to grow and become successful in this area. Ask yourself how you can acquire these skills, then set about to learn this skills and put them into action. Unless you do the latter step you really haven't properly learnt your new skills.

And when you do broaden your skill set you'll find that your whole world will expand, you'll have a richer experience of life and achieve greater success.

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