Monday, 28 December 2009

The Gift of Your Life Problems

Many people are currently going through some very tough life problems and some may not even know which way to turn or what to do to extricate themselves from their current circumstances.

At times like these it's so easy to forget that we are never given a burden greater than we can carry.

This means that even though the problems you may be facing may seem insurmountable - that's just an illusion. The trouble is that we tend to deal on our troubles instead of focusing on what life would be like if we were free of our present difficulties.

Now that takes quite some effort but as Les Brown said:

"It's important to remember that what you are going through has not come to stay it has come to pass."

Remember that whatever you focus on will produce more of the same. Therefore, no matter how bad things are focus on what you want. And when you do this not only will you feel better while experiencing your present circumstances, you'll see more clearly what it is you have to do in order to overcome your present circumstances and what's more you'll feel energised to take the actions needed to achieve the positive results you desire.

But there's another important factor you should take into account even before you consider the actions that you need to take to overcome your life problems.

You see, life is like a roller coaster. It's full of twists and turns and up and downs. So you're either heading out of a problem or heading into one. Somehow you have to learn how to see each problem you receive as a gift and that the appearance of bigger problems is not a sign of failure but a sign that you are making progress.

Anthony Robbins said:

"Have the faith to believe that whatever shows up in your life is a gift."

Yet, when we experience life problems we put up resistance. We think that life is unfair. We wonder why we are always confronted with problems but none of this actually helps to make the problems go away.

And we face another challenge. Although, we're never given a burden greater than we can bear, our present level of thinking led us to the problems we currently face. So to overcome any problem we face we have to raise our level of thinking. Now that may seem like a contradiction but problems are life's way of showing us that it's time to ascend to a new level of consciousness.

And with each problem we face we have the opportunity to step up or step down, to ascend or descend. What is very clear is that we do not remain the same.

So within each and every problem we face lies a great opportunity. Our challenge is therefore to see past or see through the problem to recognise the opportunity or gift that lies within.

And part of that gift is a NEW YOU.

You have to be able to identify who you have to become in order to do the things you need to do to successfully overcome the life problems you face. And the sooner you're able to do this the sooner you can get to work on grasping that opportunity or unwrapping that gift.