Sunday, 1 November 2009

How to Increase Your Visibility, Credibility and Revenues

One sure way to increase your visibility, credibility and revenues even in today's competitive and hostile market is to become a bestselling author. And one of my mentors, Kathleen Gage is again offering her mentoring program "How to Turn You and Your Books into Bestsellers while Increasing Your Visibility, Credibility and Revenues".

This is a comprehensive 4-week course where Kathleen Gage, herself a bestselling author, will show you step-by-step everything you need to know to achieve that coveted bestseller status. Actually it's a 5-week program because there's a bonus training session with Blog Tour Expert, Nikki Leigh. Nikki Leigh has successfully worked with dozens of authors helping them to gain massive visibility through the power of Virtual Blog Tours.

And that's just one of the bonuses. Another incredible bonus is a 12-month membership into the Street Smarts Marketing Six Figure A Year Private Online VIP Club. Yes, you read that right - FREE membership into this exclusive club for one full year. This is valued at $324 but many will argue that this is under-priced.

Over the 12 month period you will Kathleen will reveal exactly how to build a money-making opt in subscriber list; develop money making affiliate and joint venture partnerships; create revenue generating information products including ebooks, teleseminars, ereports and more.

You will also discover how to leverage Social Media Marketing for profit; how to gain visibility via online media, including web radio.

Kathleen will also show you how to develop money-making membership sites so that you can create residual income streams.

This is a bonus that was not available the first time Kathleen offered her Bestseller mentoring program and is an amazing gift.

But back to the mentoring program...

Kathleen held a preview teleseminar last week. It was scheduled to be an hour-long teleseminar but with the Q and A component lasted nearly two hours. Kathleen shared lots of nuggets of information that would be of value to anyone wanted to sell more books, in whatever format, online.

To access the recording of this teleseminar visit the URL below:

This is just some of what you'll discover by listening to this teleseminar:

~ The greatest marketing challenge faced by authors and how to overcome it.
~ The key factor to achieving results with Social Networks and Forums.
~ Why you should choose Amazon for your Bestseller Campaign.
~ What it would cost you if you were to hire an experienced Campaign Manager.
~ Why you should know how a campaign is run even if you do decide to outsource the management of your campaign.
~ The types of books best for an Bestseller Campaign.
~ Where to find potential Joint Venture (JV) Partners.
~ Some of the pitfalls to avoid with your JV Partners.
~ Factors to consider when choosing your JV Partners.
~ The length of time you should plan to allocate to the co-ordination and implementation of your Bestseller Campaign.
~ How to avoid self-sabotaging your campaign.
~ The importance of having a vision and a plan of what to do beyond your Bestseller Campaign.
~ What you absolutely should not do.
~ The importance of a follow-up plan for those who sign up for your bonus gifts.
~ How you can use your campaign to get even more reviews for your book.
~ How to price your book.
~ How to position a more expensive book.
~ How you can re-purpose your book.
~ How you can get your publishing costs paid for in advance of publishing your book.

Yes, there was a lot of content. This is a teleseminar worth listening to more than once. Again, here's the link to access the teleseminar recording:

Now, if you decide to do the course and order through the following URL:

I will add an additional bonus gift – a copy of John Kremer's "1001 Ways to Market Your Book". This is the book used by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield when they were marketing Chicken Soup for the Soul and which not only became a bestseller but also a book publishing phenomenon.

To get your bonus gift simply send an email with a copy of your receipt to

Because of the high level of personal interaction on this course Kathleen is only taking 50 students into her mentoring program so if you are interested rush now to register. If you decide after the first session that the program is not the best investment for you to take your book to bestseller status then Kathleen will gladly refund your money.

The program will also be going up in price after Monday so if you want to become a bestselling author in 2010 and increase your visibility, credibility and revenues rush now to take advantage of this fantastic offer. There is no guarantee that this course will ever be offered again.