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Positive Affirmations - Make Your Affirmations More Effective Using Subliminal Messages

While subliminals can be used to enhance the effectiveness of positive affirmations many people are wary of subliminal messages. Yet every day you are subjected to thousands of subliminal messages but, by definition, you're just not consciously aware of them.

When people think of subliminal messages people think of audio messages but subliminal messaging can be visual as well. For instance, it's estimated that we see over 3,000 adverts every day. But do you remember seeing so many adverts - of course not.

So the point is that you're being subjected to subliminal messages whether you are aware of it or not. Therefore, it makes sense to be proactive and deliberately use them to your advantage with respect to your positive affirmations.

The following example illustrates how we can be swayed by advertising messages and not even be aware of it.

Guerrilla Marketing Expert, Jay Conrad Levinson was once in a taxi with some of his advertising colleagues on his way to deliver a major presentation. From their excited conversation the taxi driver deduced that they worked in the advertising business and asked:

"Do you really believe that stuff works? Because I can tell you, it doesn't work for me. It never has and it never will. I've never bought anything as a result of marketing or advertising and never will."

Upon which, one of Jay Conrad Levinson's colleagues asked:

"Well, what kind of toothpaste do you use?"

"Oh, I brush with Gleam but it has nothing to do with the advertising. It's because I drive a cab and I can't brush after every meal."

Well, at that time the Gleam campaign theme was for people who can't brush after every meal. And, it wasn't just this taxi driver who fell under the spell of the Gleam advertising campaign. This particular advertising campaign was a big success for Gleam.

But there are lots of ways in which you can be unconsciously influenced by subliminal messages and the extent to which you are influenced by random subliminal messages is affected by your level of awareness and how you've programmed your own mind. Expressed another way, if you don't program your mind, you can be sure that someone else will.

So how can you use subliminal messages to help positively re-program your mind? In this instance, I'm going to limit my response to just audio subliminal messages. You can record your positive affirmations combine them with a suitable backing track allowing your positive affirmations to be played just below the threshold of normal hearing so that they effectively become subliminal.

And, because subliminal messages are programmed for the sub-conscious mind you can apply some interesting techniques to subliminal messages to further enhance their effectiveness. Here are three (3) examples:

1. Add compressed messages
2. Add reversed messages
3. Add stereo-confusion

Adding compressed messages simply means playing more of your positive affirmations in less time and to do this you "compress" the sound waves. And this has the effect of speeding up your subliminal messages. Similarly reversed messages are simply messages played in reverse. Now while they may be incomprehensible to the conscious mind, your sub-conscious is extremely powerful and can decipher these messages.

And actually, because of this you don't even have to play them at sub-audible level. However, as subliminal messages are generally programmed into a soundtrack it results in a more pleasant sound to play them at a low level.

Stereo-confusion refers to a technique where messages are played in such a manner that you hear distinct messages in your right and left ear. This has the effect of separately targeting the left and right hemispheres of your brain. For maximum effectiveness you obviously need to listen to these messages using headphones.

So you can apply these techniques to your positive affirmations and create soundtracks that you can listen to on a regular basis. Despite this, the practice of saying positive affirmations is still important because this is when you can visualize your affirmations and use your feelings and emotions to enhance their effectiveness.

However, when you apply these subliminal techniques to your positive affirmations it makes the practice of your affirmations effortless and, depending on the type of soundtrack you use, you can play your subliminal messages in the background at regular intervals during the day.

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