Friday, 11 September 2009

Achieving Success - The Importance of Continuing Learning

Continuing learning is imperative if you want to achieve significant success in your life and continue achieving success.

What's more, you should learn from a broad range of sources, although not so broad that your learning lacks focus, but broad enough to properly expand your level of consciousness, develop your awareness and challenge your current thinking.

If you've old espionage movies then you're probably seen movies about sleeper agents. In such movies the sleeper agent may be 'awakened' through hearing a special code that has been programmed deep into his sub-conscious mind. In many cases the sleeper agent doesn't even remember that they are effectively a strategically placed spy working deep under cover. It's as though they're in a deep trance.

Often they've built up a comfortable life. They have a family. They positively contribute to their community and they lead pretty contented lives and then one day they receive this code and the illusion that has been their life is shattered.

They may be asked to do some dastardly deed or maybe even assassinate someone. The rest of the movie then shows the physical, mental and emotional struggle they endure as they try to retain the status quo and re-assemble their lives.

Like the sleeper agent, best-selling author Dr Joe Vitale suggests that we're all in a deep trance:

"We are all in a state of hypnosis. We think that we are such and such in life and all it means is we have put ourselves into a programmed state that says - this is the way you are in life."

And so, as you continue with your learning, there will come a point when you hear a word, a phrase, a sentence or you may see something and suddenly you experience a quantum leap in your awareness. You'll understand and see your life as well as life in general in a manner hitherto unimagined.

The sleeper awakes.

And the analogy between you and the fictional sleeper doesn't stop there. You've got that new-found awareness and you're ready to transform your life. You want to transform your life and start achieving a greater level of success but the manner in which your sub-conscious mind reacts you'd think you wanted to slip someone a cyanide pill.

You see, your sub-conscious mind resists change. Its role is to keep the status quo.

But, if you persist with your personal development and, in particular, incorporate neural re-conditioning techniques into your program then gradually your sub-conscious mind will succumb. Your life will start to flow more fluidly and achieving success will be easier than ever before.

However, it doesn't stop there because again, as you continue your learning, you'll be exposed to another 'code' and the whole process starts again.

The good thing is that it is that you'll soon recognize the pattern and when this happens you won't be flummoxed. You'll recognize that it is a process you have to go through as part of your intellectual, mental and spiritual growth that will lead to you creating a more fulfilling and successful life.

And, when you experience resistance you'll be able to dip into your ever expanding toolbox and select the techniques and strategies that best support you during the process of achieving success and achieving your ideal lifestyle.

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