Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Les Brown Teleseminar Update - It's Time For Your Greatness

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Enter Your Greatness

"You have something special. You have greatness within you."
Les Brown

If you missed the teleseminar with Les Brown yesterday you missed a rare treat. Les Brown was in fine form yet said he was only just getting fired up and that he would be "eating hot peppers on a fork" to be even more fired up for the Big Seminar in Las Vegas, 6-8 November.

The anticipation for the Big Seminar is already tremendous for not only is the line-up of speakers phenomenal but the bonus gifts and surprises and prizes that will be awarded will blow you away. Plus, it's being held in a new location, at a fabulous,new (as in just opened) hotel - "The M". But back to the teleseminar with Les Brown.

During this teleseminar Les Brown revealed:

~ Why he deliberately failed to perform his chores dutifully as a young boy.

~ How and why it took him 14 years to summon up the courage to go after his bigger dream of becoming a motivational speaker.

~ Why you should expect and be prepared for things to sometimes go off track when you're working on a goal or dream.

~ The importance of a daily diet of motivational messages.

~ The 3 reasons why people remain stuck.

~ The one thing you should be afraid of.

~ The major question you should be asking of yourself each and every day.

~ The story behind the quote that Dr Norman Vincent Peale used at the end of his speeches.

~ Why you should claim your greatness – NOW!

And more, including what he will be teaching at Big Seminar and why you should make every effort to attend.

The replay for this teleseminar will be available for a few days and so if you visit and sign up for the FREE teleseminar series you'll receive details on how to listen to the replay. And if you were fortunate enough to listen to the live call, I'm sure you'll agree that this is a call that's worth listening to again.

Remember as Les Brown said:

"Greatness is a choice. It's not your destiny."

Here's the URL where you can gain access to the Les Brown call:

"It's time for your greatness."

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