Monday, 10 August 2009

FREE TELESEMINAR with the World's Leading Expert on Guerrilla Marketing - Jay Conrad Levinson

The Father of Guerrilla Marketing and the world's foremost expert on the subject, Jay Conrad Levinson, will be giving a FREE teleseminar with Internet Marketing Expert, Armand Morin on 11 August 2009.

Jay Conrad Levinson invented the term "Guerrilla Marketing" to describe unconventional low cost or no-cost marketing tools. He is the author of the best-selling marketing series in history - "Guerrilla Marketing".

More than 15 million copies of this series have been sold, there are more than a million copies in print and it is sold in 43 different languages. His books have had such a profound effect on the marketing industry that they are required reading for many MBA programs across the world.

Jay Conrad Levinson spent ten years as an instructor of marketing at the University of California at Berkeley. In fact, it was his students who inspired him to write "Guerrilla Marketing" as they wanted a book that would teach them low-cost and yet effective marketing techniques and at the time there was nothing available.

The existing marketing books were all geared towards companies with big marketing budgets. The other drawback was that many of these books made the topic of marketing unnecessarily complicated.

"So I wrote a book for them [my students] about the idea of commitment and the idea of not having to invest money if you're willing to invest time, energy, imagination and information. And, if you had the patience and if you're able to do those things I showed them that marketing could work for them.
Jay Conrad Levinson

Now, more than ever individuals and companies are needing to be more creative with their marketing in order to at least retain their market share. And time and time again we're seeing that those who don't learn how to market effectively during this challenging economic climate are ending up as casualties.

Jay Conrad Levinson is one of an exclusive line-up of speakers for Big Seminar 13 which takes place in Las Vegas from 6-8 November 2009. And registering for this special training event will give you access to the free teleseminar series with other members of the Big Seminar faculty.

A replay of this teleseminar will be available should you be unable to make the live event. For full details and to register for this event simply visit:

FREE Teleseminar with Jay Conrad Levinson

And if you're still wondering why you should sign up for this informative and fun teleseminar to learn more about Guerrilla Marketing then consider this:

"The whole world needs this kind of information and the word has spread that it really does work. It works for big businesses. It works for small businesses. It works in cultures around the world and it works everytime."
Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of Guerrilla Marketing

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