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The Power of Visualization to Achieve Your Goals and Manifest Your Dreams

Tour of John Assaraf's Home

One of the most memorable elements of the movie "The Secret" was John Assaraf talking about the moment he discovered that the home he was living in was actually the home whose picture he had placed on his vision board.

Well, recently John Assaraf created a video where he was giving a guided tour of his home to a few guests. He has been living in his dream home for about 10 years now and, as you watch him give his guests the guided tour, you can see that he's completely at one with his environment.

It's a beautiful home, stylishly decorated and adorned with art - he's quite a collector. It's large and spacious without appearing overwhelming and the views from just about anywhere in this home are stunning. But this post is not about this home. It's about the process by which it was acquired.

John Assaraf saw a picture of a lovely house in a magazine. It was the type of home he knew he wanted to live in some day so he cut out the picture and placed it on his vision board. And he meditated and visualized the goals he wanted to achieve every day.

"Visualize and meditate your way to success. Vivid visualizations are fuel for your dreams.
John Assaraf

He imagined what it would be like to live in this home. He visualized:

~ What he would see as he moved through the house
~ How he would feel living in the house
~ What he would hear in the tranquil setting
~ The delicious meals he would share with family and friends

He worked hard at building his business - multiple businesses in fact. He took inspired action. His success grew and grew. Then an opportunity came up to buy a lovely new house. He made the purchase and then, like most home-owners he spent time renovating the house to transform it into the home he desired.

So, it was a while before he got around to fully unpacking. Then, one day his son came into his office and asked what was in one of the storage boxes. Rather than go through a lengthy explanation, he decided to simply show him. It was then he realised that the picture on of the house on the vision board was his home. It was an overwhelming moment.

You too can achieve what John Assaraf has achieved. Vision boards are just one of a multitude of ways which you can help to achieve your goals and manifest your dreams.

Start Creating Your Vision Board Today!

The key is FOCUS. You have to maintain your focus on what your goals and the things you truly desire in life no matter how far they may be out of your current reality. And the creation of a vision board is one way to do this.

Another way is to make your own personalized movie composed of images, pictures and affirmations relevant to your goals. Setting this movie to a powerful and motivating soundtrack will help enhance your emotional response to your movie.

For best results you should practice visualizing and watch your personal movie several times a day. The best times are when you awake and just before you go to sleep when the sub-conscious mind is more receptive.

In "The Secret" Jack Canfield also talks about how he harnessed the power of visualization to achieve a goal that he had set. He wanted to earn $100,000 - a huge goal for a teacher who was on a salary of $8,000 per year. He placed a large thousand dollar note above his bed so that it was the first thing he saw when he woke up and the last thing he saw before going to sleep.

He would focus on this big goal and visualise what it would be like living the lifestyle of someone earning $100,000. By the end of that year Jack Canfield earned over $92,000 from the sale of a book that he'd already written. In other words the means to earn the additional income was there but until he set the target of earning $100,000 he was unaware of the opportunities to do so.

So don't be afraid to set big goals and dreams. It takes no more effort to set a goal for something small that something big and tap into the power of visualisation to achieve your goals and manifest your dreams.

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