Monday, 22 June 2009

Winning the Game of Money And Your Chance to Win DVD Homestudy Program

International speaker and best-selling author Dr Topher Morrison will be hosting FREE 2-hour presentations all this week on "Winning the Game of Money".

You can register for your FREE ticket(s) at:

Dr Topher Morrison has over 17 years experience as a Doctor and Master Trainer of Clinical Hypnotherapy. He also belongs to a very elite group of individuals, who number less than 50 people worldwide, entrusted with the title Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

He is a highly sought-after hypnotherapist and NLP Master Trainer who assists clients including multi-national executives and Olympic athletes to achieve higher results. He is also in great demand as a speaker and his presentations are renowned not only for their rich and practical content but also their entertainment value.

He believes that life should be lived as an epic adventure and that individuals should play hard as well as work hard. So it comes as no surprise that he is of the view that earning money should be fun.

It makes sense when you think about it for if having lots of money makes life more enjoyable shouldn't making money be enjoyable too? However, the truth is that many people are not only struggling to earn money they are also miserable earning money as well.

Why is this? Dr Topher Morrison is of the view that:

"You can't win the game of money if you don’t know what drives you to succeed financially. When you have that driver and you know your path, you will start winning the game and it will be fun again."

Again, this makes complete sense and so whether you're currently facing financial challenges or simply wish to sharpen your wealth mindset then "Winning the Game of Money" is a great event for you to attend.

However, even with games rules have to be strictly adhered to otherwise chaos ensues. And if you don't know the rules of the money game you're in a losing position before you even start playing.

So attend this event if you want to:

~ Learn 2 rules of the game of money.

~ Learn how to develop strategies for playing the money game.

~ Discover how to unlock the secret to your winning formula.

~ Learn how to consistently increase your income.

~ Discover the criteria that determine whether or not you'll become wealthy.

~ Learn strategies to keep the wealth you acquire.

~ Discover leading psychological advances that will help you to master generating different levels of wealth.

~ Learn the fundamental difference between those losing the game of money and those winning the game of money.

~ Learn how you can hang up with some of the wealthiest people in the world.

And more.

You can listen to a special message from Dr Topher Morrison and register your tickets for this event at the URL below.

Extra dates have been added because of the demand but it's anticipated that the limited number of seats available will not last long. So take action and secure your FREE tickets right now. Tickets cost £29 on the door.

Special Prize Draw

I have a Special Prize Draw for you. This is independent of whether or not you can make "Winning the Game Of Money". To win a 5-disc DVD set of Dr Topher Morrison's Home Study Program "The Mental Game of Money" simply send an email to:

The lucky winner will be announced on 30th June.

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