Tuesday, 3 March 2009

"Feng Shui Made Simple" - Discover How You Can Transform Your Home and Your Health with this Step-by-Step Guide

Here's a great opportunity for you to transform the quality of your life and your health.

Your outer environment, including your home, is a reflection of your inner environment. The physical state of your home affects your health in either a positive or negative manner. When my home is neat and tidy I feel calmer and more relaxed. I think with greater clarity and I'm more productive. There is a clear correlation between areas in my home where I'm disorganised and issues I'm facing in my life.

Many of us live in pre-built accommodation that we've adapted to our needs rather than custom-built homes. As such, there are probably several things about your home which may be having an adverse effect on your health and well-being but which you may not be able to readily change. On the other hand, there may be several things that you could change that would have a beneficial impact on your health and well-being if only you knew how.

Sheri Ruston's new book called "Feng Shui Made Simple: Room by Room" is an elegantly compiled, simple guide to transforming your home one room at a time. There are loads of practical tips that you can easily and quickly implement. The book is enhanced by beautiful photos and illustrations so you have a visual reference of the effects you are aiming to create in your own home.

Purchase a copy of "Feng Shui Made Simple" today and you'll get $2,000 worth of free bonuses from leading experts in the personal development field. Bonus gifts include a 4-hour CD series from David Neagle (The Income Acceleration Coach for Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs) on "The Art of Success" (value $297) and "How to Lead a Clutter-Free Life" MP3 and companion guide (value $245) from Marlo Nikkila (The Organizing Coach).

Plus you can also get your opportunity to ask Sheri Ruston as she is often called your own questions about Feng Shui and how to create a healthier home and a healthier lifestyle in a special interview that I'll be hosting with "Feng Shui Sheri", as she is affectionately called, on 18 March - more details to follow.

So do get a copy of "Feng Shui Made Simple" today. It has certainly inspired me to improve the 'health' and my own personal health through the application of some simple yet effective Feng Shui techniques. Click the link below to get your copy of this ebook:

Feng Shui Made Simple

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