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The Inspirational Story Behind the Success of Richard Paul Evans' "A Christmas Box" Part 3/3

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First he had a book that no one wanted to publish and now publishers were scrambling over themselves in their desire to publish "A Christmas Box". Richard knew when he was in over his head and sought out an agent and not just any agent. He chose one of the best in the business, someone who is simply passionate about what she does. Her long line of credits included Robert James Waller's "Bridges Over Madison County".

It was decided to auction the book and the auction started with 16 publishers trying to outbid each other. After the first round only one publisher couldn't take the heat and dropped out of the bidding war which Disney was leading with an offer of $2.75 million dollars.

Suddenly there was an advantage to having received all those endless rejections from publishers. He knew every one of the publishing houses now bidding to publish his book. This knowledge would help him to make his decision once the auction had run its course. It was a bizarre twist of fate.

In the end Bantam Press & Simon & Schuster were the front runners both had bids on the table that were in excess of $4 million dollars. Richard decided to go with Simon and Schuster – much to Bantam's disappointment. He was given an advance of $2 million dollars and the hardcover version of the book was released by Simon and Schuster in 1995.

"A Christmas Box" went on to be the first book to simultaneously reach the coveted No. 1 position on the New York Times bestseller lists for both the hardcover and softcover versions. The book was also turned into a movie of the same name starring Richard Thomas and Maureen O'Hara.

But this isn't the true triumph of this book. Richard Paul Evans came from an under-privileged background. Both he and his wife were anxious that his family's new-found wealth didn't spoil them. He wanted to use his success and wealth to make an even greater difference in people's lives.

So in 1997 he founded "The Christmas Box House International" - a non-profit organization that is devoted to building shelters and providing services for abused and neglected children. To date, more than 16,000 children have been housed in Christmas Box House facilities and it has made a profound difference to their lives as the video above the post reveals.

To learn more about "The Christmas Box International" please click the link below:

Christmas Box Lifestart Initiative

Isn't it a funny thing that when you write a book from purely unselfish motives that money, fame and fortune seem to follow? True Richard worked extremely hard to promote his book but it the success of the intial word of mouth publicity that convinced Richard to publish the book in the first place. And you get the feeling that if money had been the primary motivation behind the book that it would not have enjoyed the success it did.

Richard Paul Evans has sold over 8 million copies of "A Christmas Box" and has gone on to write 11 consecutive New York Times bestselling books. He has 14 books in print and has sold over 14 million copies.

I do hope this story inspired you touched your heart. When you come from a position of love miracles can and will happen.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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