Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Goal Setting, Goal Achievement and the Universal Law of Gender

Goal setting is relatively easy. Goal achievement, however, is another matter and we often struggle to achieve our goals because we are not working in harmony with Universal Laws.

We are taught that we should set goals according to the SMART principle, i.e. goals should be:

~ Specific,

~ Measurable,

~ Achievable,

~ Realistic, and

~ Time-framed.

And with respect to goals being "time-framed", Napoleon Hill said that:

"A goal is a dream with a deadline."

Hence, it's easy to understand why people become frustrated when they are unable to manifest their goals within the time that they originally set for their goal.

However the Law of Gender states that all seeds have a gestation or incubation period before they manifest in form. This applies to your goals as well. The difficulty is that although we know the gestation period for many physical seeds, we don't know the gestation periods for goals.

Take the example of building a large, ultra-modern stadium. Such a project would naturally have a target date. However, at some point during the build the constructors will hit a snag - something that will adversely affect the building schedule. They may even have to resolve a problem that they not only didn't expect but had not experienced before.

Do you think the builders will just abandon the project? No. Instead they'll work around the clock to find a solution. Then they may adjust the rest of their schedule or even the design of the stadium in an aim to bring the project back on target and within budget.

Yet many people, when their goal doesn't initially work out think that their goal is unachievable. And, not having the faith to believe that they could materialise their goal, they give up on their goal.

Bob Proctor advises that at times like this that you don't give up on your goals. So long as your goal is worthy of you:

"Never change the goal - change the time - change the plan, but keep focused on the goal. You'll receive it on the third level of creation, the physical level."
Bob Proctor

As William James said:

"Believe and your belief will create the fact."

You see, goal achievement can be likened to the growth of bamboo. Bamboo spends years growing underground before it breaks the surface. Similarly, things may be coming together to create your goal - things that you may not be able to see. If you abandon your goal at this point you'll never know what might have been.

Goal achievement is a lawful process and as you learn how to successfully apply the Universal Laws to your life you will achieve your goals with much greater consistency and greater speed.

The movie "The Secret" brought attention to just one of the Universal Laws - The Law of Attraction. And many people have found understanding just how this law operates to be a challenge. So it makes sense to take time out to study the Universal Laws and consciously apply them to your life. Just like the Law of Gravity is constantly in operation although for the most part you don't think about it so too are the Universal Laws.

So at any moment in your life you're either successfully moving towards your goals or you're moving away from your goals. When you understand the Law of Gender, you will understand that you can be moving towards your goal even though there may be no physical evidence of that fact. Knowing and accepting this will help you to persevere towards achieving your goals.


"Faith is to believe what you do not yet see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe."
St Augustine

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  1. I believe that completely.. After an unexpected illness took hold of my life, there was only one option for me: Go big or go home and no matter what, never give up on my plan to walk again..
    Today I am just a week or so shy of my 2 years, post Spinal surgery. If I had the option back when I started my recovery,to not succeed...I would have failed, no doubt..
    Today I am working on jogging..It just goes to show that anything is possible, regardless of the obstacle as long as you have a plan or goal to stick to....Realistic or not...
    Thanks again for a great post...
    Shane in Wyo

  2. Dear Shane,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It was inspiring.

    I hope that you'll use your recovery to spur you on to achieving even greater goals.

    Best wishes


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    Bill Starr
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  4. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Your website My Life List is a great concept.

    Best wishes