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Achieve Greater Productivity and Success by Eliminating Friction in Your Life

If you're anything like me you no doubt lead a life where you are juggling many balls. You may be an expert juggler but the chances are that at some point you drop a ball or two and the balls you drop are often related to your goals and dreams.

In other words, a day passes when you haven't made significant progress on your goals and then that day stretches into a week and then before your know months have passed. This can be very frustrating and no doubt you will be able to find 'good' reasons as to why you are not working on your goals but the truth is they are just excuses.

Your reason why you want to accomplish a particular goal just isn't strong enough. Or, maybe you fear the success that will come your way once you achieve your goal and so you self-sabotage your efforts. You start focusing on obstacles instead of seeing the finish line and the more you focus on the obstacles the larger they loom or the more they multiply.

The obstacles may not even be directly related to your goal. They may simply be other problems to resolve but they steal your time.

So, in order to have the time to devote to achieving your goal it's important to:

~ Identify and eliminate any areas of friction in your life,

~ Anticipate and take care of any issues that have the potential to become major problems,

~ Create a strong personal foundation so that you are able to cope with extreme situations,

~ Create strong personal boundaries so that no matter what is going on in your life you can still remain focused on your goal.

So, over the next few posts I'll be taking a brief look at how you can accomplish this.

Identify and Eliminate Friction

Areas of friction may stem from:

~ Emotional issues

~ Your environment

~ Events and situations

Emotional Issues

For instance, if you have a row with a loved one this can have the effect where you may throw yourself at your work to distract yourself from feeling hurt and pain. This may be a necessary short-term measure to allow you time to stabilise your emotions sufficiently so that you can deal with the situation in a more rational and objective manner. However, it's not a healthy long-term strategy. You need to find a positive way of simply releasing those negative emotions. This may also have the positive result of helping you to become more focused on your goals but you'll be able to maintain that focus in a more holistic way.

Your Environment

Outer chaos can reflect inner chaos and vice versa. So if your working environment is disorganised and chaotic start addressing this. Improve your filing systems. There's a saying:

"There's a place for everything and everything in its place."

When you put this into practice you'll find that you'll save a lot of time and energy looking for things.

Aim to handle incoming mail once. In other words, open and where possible take action on it immediately. In some cases you may just need to file it away but you want to avoid multiple touches when it comes to mail handling.

As you work on organising your outer environment take time to focus on your inner environment as well. Chances are that you are feeling conflicted about something or even some things. You may have unresolved issues that are clogging your mind and your thoughts. The more you are able to clear yourself internally the better organised your external environment will become as well.

Events and Situations

Yesterday, the Bank of England governor, Mervyn King, announced that announced that the UK was heading towards its first recession for 16 years. And the media today was full of more doom and gloom.

Now, many people are wallowing in all of this negativity and allowing their judgement and actions to be clouded by all this bad news. Some individuals have decided to put off pursuing their goal of starting their own business because it's such a tough economy just now.

But imagine, if you can successfully launch and run a business now think of how successful you'll be once the economy expands again.
And regarding starting and running your own business there is lots of excellent advice available.

For instance, you could be mentored by a self-made billionaire for a fee so low you won't believe your eyes. Click the link below for more details:

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However, this is only one example of how you can let events and situations stand in the way of you achieving your goals. When you set yourself a tough goal expect challenges, and obstacles. No one is going to hand it to you on a platter.

I can't remember where I heard this, so apologies for not giving credit where credit is due but:

"Success is not something you deserve; it's something you claim."

You've got to reach out and grab it. You can have a winning lottery ticket in your hand but if you don't cash it in it's worthless.

Next time I'll take a look at the role of anticipation in achieving greater productivity and success.

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