Thursday, 18 September 2008

I Don't Like Mind Movies

I've been checking in periodically with Rich Schefren's "The Uncertainty Syndrome" Live 24h Streaming Broadcast:

I happened to stumble upon a comment from someone about Mind Movies. The person said that they didn't like Mind Movies and found them to be "strange at best".

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion yet I find remarks like this to be frustrating because it's clear they don't understand how affirmations work, the power of visualisation or the sub-conscious mind.

The thing is we live in a world where our minds are continuously receiving external stimuli and information. There are sounds that you don't hear consciously but your sub-conscious can hear. We receive images from television, magazines, newspapers, billboards and the like consciously and sub-consciously.

Just take the example of billboards. Imagine driving down a stretch of road lined with billboards. As you drive down that road your mind takes in those images. Some billboards are designed so that the adverts rotate so you may even take in more than one image as you drive by. These images form a movie in your mind and can provoke an emotional response from you.

These images can help to reinforce a particular belief you may have or may even create new beliefs which you may not even be aware of. The influence of these billboards can be positive or negative. Often it is negative.

For instance, in the UK violence among young people is a huge concern. There is hardly a day that goes by when there isn't a report of a young person being fatally stabbed. Channel 4 recently ran a series of programs to highlight this program.

One of the ways in which they advertised the series was through billboards. One billboard shows a teenager pointing an imaginary gun to the head of another teenager. It is a shocking image and one which is being continually impregnated into the minds of those who have to pass it on a regular basis.

I personally do not believe that such images are helpful. For someone who has violent tendencies it could be perceived as "cool" and actually encourage violence. For others the image is simply distressing.

What we want is for the needless sacrifice of young lives to end. Yet instead of portraying an image showing young teenagers expressing mutual respect to another the opposite is shown - a teenager showing a complete lack of regard for the life of another and willing to snuff that gift of life.

Now, Mind Movies are designed with images of things and people who inspire and motivate you. They consist of images that are symbolic of your goals and dreams. When you use them on a regular basis you are guaranteed a generous dollop of positivity that helps to counteract the negativity that we generally face on a daily basis.

Mind Movies help to keep you focused on the things that you want. They give your sub-conscious a clear point of reference. Suddenly, the things you desire start to happen as if by magic but no magic is involved. It's just the Law of Attraction at work.

It's as if your sub-conscious mind is saying - "If you wanted this all along why didn't you tell me?"

You see, while earlier on I talked about things being positive or negative, the sub-conscious mind does not make such distinctions. To the sub-conscious mind everything just is.

Yet, it is your sub-conscious mind that is effectively driving everything you do. And if you want to know what your beliefs are and how your sub-conscious mind is currently programmed you simply have to look at your results.

The programming of your sub-conscious mind was years in the making. It will take consistent and repeated effort to re-program your mind and keep your mind free from "viruses" that could corrupt and disable your desired program.

If you own a computer then you have systems in place to ensure that it's programming remains free from viruses. And, should a virus manage to penetrate your computer's defences then you have systems in place to deal with that situation as well. Why then, would anyone not want to do the same for their mind?

The special offer on Mind Movies and all the wonderful bonuses that are on offer will go up tomorrow. Someone who purchases their Mind Movie Creation Kit before midnight EST - it's a $5,000 Maui manifestation vacation for two.

Mind Movie Bonuses

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You have nothing to lose. You have what is virtually a life time guarantee. In other words, if at any time you are not happy with the product you can simply return it for a full refund - no questions asked.

However, this is what I recommend. Purchase the Mind Movie Creation Kit and create your Mind Movie using the digital version of the product which you'll be able to download immediately. Then give someone you care about the physical version of the product.

I have to agree with the person who said that they didn't like Mind Movies. I don't like Mind Movies.

"I LOVE Mind Movies!"

Enjoy the process of manifesting your goals and dreams.

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