Friday, 29 August 2008

A Golden Ticket Opportunity to Learn How to Gain Corporate Sponsorship for Your Business

When Brendon Burchard was 19 years old he suffered a horrific car accident. The car flipped multiple times before coming to a stop. Brendon managed to pull himself through the broken windshield and stared down at his bleeding body and then up at the night sky.

It was a life defining moment. He realised that his life could have ended at that moment and as his life passed before his eyes three questions filtered into his consciousness:

"Did I live?"

"Did I love?"

"Did I matter?"

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His response was less than satisfactory and he vowed that if he were given another chance he would live his life differently. He would make a positive difference in his life, the lives of others and to the world. He was given a second chance or as he calls it a "golden ticket" and out of that moment the seed for his book "Life's Golden Ticket" was planted although it was nearly a decade later that he actually committed himself to the process of actually writing the book.

You may be thinking why didn't he write the book immediately following the accident? What took him so long? However, some things simply take time and the years immediately following that fateful car crash were to prove beneficial in ways that Brendon could not have imagined.

In the interim he worked for various charities such as Kiwanis International, Junior Achievement and the YMCA. This would prove to be pivotal to on the success of his book because he was, at the time, unconsciously building a platform from which he could launch "Life Golden Ticket".

Brendon didn't have a large mailing list but he had built relationships with these charities and organisations that it just so happened had an enormous reach. So he successfully set up partnerships with these non-profits so that they would help to promote his book to their vast networks.

Brendon has also successfully gained sponsorship from large corporations. For instance, imagine being featured on the website of a large corporation which was guaranteed to get at least 5 million impressions. Brendon pulled off such a deal with Sony Pictures. He gave away a couple of seats to one of his live events as part of a competition that Sony Pictures were running.

Well, 32,000 individuals signed up for that competition over the space of just 72 hours and Burchard actually got to keep the list of 32,000 subscribers. Brendon now reaches about 2 million people each and every month through his books, presentations, newsletters and other products.

His other partners and sponsors have included Wachovia, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Morgan Stanley, Washington Trust Bank and other major Fortune 500 companies and global non-profit organizations. How would you like to learn the secrets to winning such lucrative sponsorship deals?

I have worked for non-profit organisations and know just how challenging raising funds and gaining sponsorship can be. If you are involved a non-profit organisation, either in a voluntary or paid capacity, just think how valuable it could be to your organisation to know just how to create lucrative corporate sponsorship deals?

Well, you can learn, step-by-step, just how Burchard is so successful at creating sponsorship deals and forming partnerships with large corporations at Big Seminar 12.

Big Seminar 12 is widely praised as being the best such Internet Marketing seminar there is. However, don't be mistaken in thinking that it is just an event for Internet marketers. It is an event for business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches, etc. to learn offline and online techniques and strategies to help them boost their business.

Nowadays, if you're not marketing your business on the Internet you are losing out on huge opportunities and so the Big Seminar is of enormous benefit to anyone seeking to gain the latest cutting edge marketing and business development information. The calibre and organisation of the event make it an ideal place to network and meeting people face-to-face is the best way to build relationships with individuals you may later go on to do joint ventures with.

I attended the Big Seminar for the first time in March of this year and my only regret was that I hadn't attended a Big Seminar sooner. Yes, I travelled from London all the way to Atlanta for this event and yes, it was worth it. And even although I had my passport and other items stolen when I arrived at the airport it did not marr my overall experience.

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If you are interested in the Big Seminar but for whatever reason cannot make the dates or travel to Atlanta or whatever then please contact me via email and let me know as there is still an opportunity for you to gain access to the information taught at this event.

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