Sunday, 10 August 2008

2008 Olympics: Michael Phelps Smashes His Own World Record to Win His First Gold at Games

Michael Phelps was absolutely phenomenal in the 400m individual medley. He shaved over a second off his own World Record to set a new World Record of 4:03:84.

The new record was not unexpected as he set an Olympic Record in qualifying yesterday.

"I'm pretty emotional after that race. I wanted to go for the record but I wasn't sure if I should. In the warm-up room, I kind of got these chills in my body and starting getting excited."

This is the best possible start for Michael Phelps' gold medal quest. He is aiming to win 8 gold medals in 8 days - an incredible target. However, not all his races will rely on his individual talent. Two of his races are relays and so he will be dependent on his team members to achieve his goals.

Michael Phelps would have put in hours upon hours of training and made numerous sacrifices in order to be in this position. During this week alone he will swim the equivalent of 37 miles swimming the heats, finals and completing his swim-downs after events.

The Olympics are very inspirational even for non-athletes. What goals have you set yourself? What are you prepared to sacrifice to achieve your goals?

Remember Adidas's slogan:

"Impossible is nothing."

Go after your dreams.

Click HERE to watch Phelps' win the first of his gold medals at the 2008 Olympics.

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