Monday, 19 May 2008

Network Marketing - The Secret of How to Use Referrals to Build Your Business and Increase Your Income

Today I will be interviewing, network marketing expert, Hal Coleman and I will be probing him on just how one effectively uses referrals to build your business and increase your income.

Interview with Hal Coleman

Hal has over 20 years of experience of network marketing and has used his adept skills to build a business from scratch to a million dollar business. He has condensed these skills and his tested and proven network marketing techniques and strategies into a highly effective system called:

"Leads Group Networking Making Nade easy".

No matter what business you are in you can apply the networking techniques and strategies that Hal has refined to help you to generate new clients, new business and new revenue streams.

What's more, especially in today's new era of social media marketing which is growing at an exponential rate you need to learn and apply these skills to building your own business in order to maximise the great opportunities that are now available to any business. The Internet and social media marketing are levelling the playing field so that any company, large or small, can leverage these resources provided they know how to.

If you are keen to continue to grow your business and particularly if you feel that your business growth is currently at a standstill then today's teleseminar is a must.

Attend today's teleseminar with networking expert, Hal Coleman and:

~ Learn how to build relationships with total strangers that will last a lifetime and who will end up referring colleagues, friends and family members to you.

~ Discover how to build and extend your community, locally, nationally and even globally through the power of networking.

~ Learn how you can leverage other people's systems and resources through network marketing.

~ Discover how you can recession-proof your business through using inexpensive, yet very effective networking marketing strategies.

~ Discover the small things that can make a huge difference in network marketing and that can affect whether over the next 12 months you generate 1 new client or 1,000 new clients.

~ Learn tried and proven strategies that will mean you never have to sell again - people will want to purchase your product or service from you rather than a competitor - even if you may be the more expensive option.

~ Discover what makes you unique and how to apply your uniqueness to your networking strategy.

~ Learn some of the mistakes that individuals make in network marketing and how to avoid making those same mistakes.

~ Tips on how to use your business card effectively.

~ Tips on how to create a dynamic elevator speech that will get people's attention and make them want to do business with you.

And more.

So attend today's teleseminar and learn from someone who's in the trenches doing the stuff he teaches on a daily basis to continue to grow his business.

If you can't make the live event, be sure to check in later to listen to the replay.

Here's the link again to the teleseminar:

Interview with Hal Coleman - Network Marketing Secrets

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