Saturday, 5 April 2008

How You Can Get Paid to Blog About the Things You Love

If, like me, you love to write then you will be interested in PayPerPost's blog advertising opportunities.

PayPerPost is a website where you can you can hire out your services as a writer to various advertisers or where you can respond to advertisers requests for reviews.

The reviews need not be lengthy 50-200 words seems to be the average length.

I've only just discovered this site and so cannot report on any earning to date but you can easily check out what this site's top earners are making. While, it's not mega bucks it is a way to hone your review writing skills and this is a skill which will always be useful.

Companies are always seeking reviews to help promote their products and services. And giving reviews is something that we naturally do anyway. If we find a product and or service that we like or even don't like we share our experience with others.

What I like about the site is that it is very comprehensive. Other attributes of this site include:

~ Ease of use - it is very easy and quick to sign up,
~ Availability of great tutorials,
~ Distinct and clear user interface, and
~ A highly active and responsive customer service.

Once you sign up you can get started in four (4) easy steps:

1. Confirm your email
2. Update your profile
3. Register your blog
4. Take up opportunities

Some of the opportunities are only available to bloggers with blog with a Google Rank rank of 5 or more, however, PayPerPost does give tips on how you can improve your page ranking.

So if you like the idea of writing honest and balanced reviews on websites, products, services or services and being paid to do so then check out PayPerPost by clicking the link below or by clicking on one of the buttons:

blog advertising

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