Saturday, 17 May 2008

Dr Joe Vitale's AAA Plan to Wealth - The Key to Attracting the Money You Want

Recently, one of my mentors, Dr Joe Vitale held an "Attract Wealth Seminar" where he revealed his "AAA Plan for Attracting Wealth". Dr Joe Vitale created the seminar in recognition that many people are currently experiencing tough times financially.

He covers a lot of ground in this 48 minute presentation including how to:

~ Conquer limiting beliefs that stand in the way of what you desire,

~ Attract wealth or anything else you want or need regardless of the situation you're currently in, and

~ Unlock the 'missing secret' to getting what you want in life.

The truth is wealth is a mindset and so without the right mindset you will never become wealthy or if you do you'll find that your new-found wealth quickly slips away.

As Brian Tracy says:

"The starting point of all riches is the development of a prosperity consciousness. You must become a financial success in your thinking long before you achieve it in your reality. Both poverty and riches are the result of a state of mind, and the most important single step you ever take on the road to wealth and financial independence is the decision to change your thinking, to impress into your mind an unshakable belief that youcan and will achieve your financial goals. This must happen before anything else happens."

Dr Joe Vitale who was once homeless and destitute has asked me to share his presentation. If he can turn his life around it is proof that anyone can.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the presentation and or share any challenges that you might be facing at this time.

Click the link below to view the movie.

Joe Vitale's AAA Plan to Wealth

I hope that you will find this video inspiring and insightful and that it contains your key to attracting the money you want and or need.

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