Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Public Speaking - Discover a Great New Way to Master Your Public Speaking Skills and Speak with Confidence

Public Speaking is a something that is feared by thousands if not millions of people around the world.

However, mastering your public speaking skills can help you to advance both socially and professionally. Plus wouldn't it be great to know that, if called upon, you can deliver a presentation or give a speech in public with confidence and style?

Well, now a new website can help you to improve your public speaking skills. It is a great concept.

The website is SureSpeak and it allows you to video record your presentation for friends and colleagues to critique. Now, I know that even this may give you cold feet but wouldn't you rather have the chance to practice your presentation and get expert advice on how to improve it before having to make your live presentation.

Still baulking? Then you can just upload your videos and score them yourself against the given criteria until your confidence improves.

SureSpeak has many uses and can be used by virtually anyone to improve their speaking skills. They have included courses on the website so that you can practice your diction and improve your language skills. There are also instructional videos to help you do things such as:

~ Prepare for an interview,
~ Deliver your elevator pitch,
~ Deliver a wedding toast,
~ Improve your presentation skills,
~ Hone your sales pitch, and more.

The site is easy-to-use and what you use your improved communication skills to accomplish is limited solely by your imagination.

For the remainder of this month, April, you can take advantage of a free trial so I urge you to register now and use this excellent resource. Why am I only now telling you about it? I only discovered the site yesterday and I wanted to check it out before recommending it.

I have to add that I did initially have some trouble actually registering. So I emailed their help desk and matter was resolved within the hour which says a lot for SureSpeak's customer service.

So whether you're:

~ Aiming for a promotion at work
~ Seeking a new job or career
~ Wanting to increase your clients
~ Aiming to improve your sales
~ Wanting to reduce your accent
~ Wanting to improve your speech or that of a client

This is a website that could be of great benefit to you. So do check it out. I'm not an affiliate so I don't benefit from you signing up. I just recognise a great service when I see one.

Still need convincing as to why you should improve your public speaking skills then click HERE for a an AudioPostcard with a special interview with John Childers as he explains why public speaking is the best paid profession in the world.

Many of the top speakers in the world have trained with John Childers. Individuals such as Mark Victor Hansen, Bob Proctor, Alex Mandossian, Armand Morin and Mike Filsaime to name just a few and they all earn millions of dollars each year through speaking.

John Childers Interview

Special FREE Gift

However, I do have a special gift for you that compliments this service. It's a copy of my report - "Brian Tracy's 7Ps of Public Speaking". This report gives some great tips on how the seven key things you need to consider as a public or professional speaker and it's FREE.

You can download this report simply by sending an email to:

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