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Improve Personal and Business Success with More Success Strategies Inspired by Stephen Wiltshire - "The Human Camera" PLUS a Special Offer!

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Several success strategies were evident from watching the recent documentary about Stephen Wiltshire know as the human camera. I covered three of them in my last article:

1. Repetition
2. Attention to detail
3. Passion

Here are four more success strategies.

1. Be Prepared
Whenever Stephen is out and about he always has a sketch pad and pencils handy. There was a moment during the recent Channel 5 documentary where he was visiting the offices of an architect who was showing him scale models of various parts of London.

Stephen couldn't disguise his pleasure at being in such an environment. Suddenly, with his eyes still transfixed on one of the scale models, he reached into his bag, pull out his sketch pad, a pencil and eraser and started sketching. He was almost oblivious to anyone or anything else around him including the architect who had known Stephen since they were boys.

You never know when an opportunity will arise or when you will receive inspiration for a great idea. Depending on what business you're in you will know the "tools" that you should have on your person or within easy reach. However, no matter what you do you should always have a business card handy and a note book to jot down those ideas.

2. Be Willing to Start Over
There was a point when Stephen was busy drawing a portion of the scale model at the architect's office that he stopped, erased everything and started over again. He wasn't satisfied with how the drawing was shaping up.

Sometimes it can be hard to pull down what you've created but if, fundamentally, it's not right then starting over again can be the best thing in life as well as in business.

Internet marketer, Frank Kern, in a recent interview said that early on in his career he built up a mailing list of 300,000 members. Then, because of a mistake he unwittingly made and which he in no shape or fashion wanted to repeat, he scrubbed the list and started over. Yes, he literally erased his 300,000 list.

The thing is that while the list was valuable it was not important. The most important thing was his know-how. Just like Stephen is confident in his skills to start a piece of art over again, Frank was confident in his skills to re-build his Internet business.

You may find yourself in a position where everything tangible is taken from you but no-one can take away your skills and know-how. And, with the right skills and know-how you can start over again.

3. Change Your Perception
I remember watching the high speed boat chase along the River Thames for the James Bond movie "The World is Not Enough". It was thrilling not just because of the action on the screen but because it gave a view of the River Thames and London that I hadn't seen before. It gave me a new perspective on London.

Stephen's art does the same thing. Because of his unique ability, in his art he is able to show building off from angles that one wouldn't ordinarily see. Why is this important?

When you see things from a different perspective it enables you to think differently about them. It expands the mind and it a very useful technique to use in problem solving.

So if you are facing a particular challenge in your life or business then try looking at it from a different perspective to find a solution.

4. Confidence
While growing up, Stephen's autism resulted in him having poor communication skills and this affected his self-confidence. Now he is self-assured. To satisfy his passion for buildings and drawings he has had to learn how to travel independently. This is something that not many autistic people would be capable of doing.

He is proud of his art and it shows. As he has honed his artistic skills over the years his confidence has increased as well and he sets himself increasing more difficult goals to achieve.

Drawing a 13 ft panorama of London from a view along the River Thames entirely from memory was not an easy feat. Yet you could see he was excited rather than daunted by the challenge.

And he is not one-dimensional. He is also learning the piano and, again this has helped him to improve his communication skills and grow his confidence.

Being successful at something gives you confidence and enhances your self-esteem. So find out what you are good at or even try something completely new and get good at it and see how your confidence improves as a result.

This process is self-sustaining because as your confidence increases so too will your ability to handle more challenging personal or professional issues.

Improve your confidence. It is an essential ingredient to success.

Special Offer

I mentioned Frank Kern in this post. It just so happens that he is just one several experts that will be speaking at the Big Seminar in Atlanta from 24-27 April 2008.

This will be the eleventh time that this seminar has been held and many of the attendees are repeat customers. They have been attending the event for years because it is renowned for the quality of the content and the excellent networking opportunities. Expert Internet marketer and promoter, Matt Bacak, even bought a ticket to enable him to attend the Big Seminar for life and he is a man who takes his continued education very seriously indeed.

The line-up of speakers for this up-coming Big Seminar 11 includes:

~ Stephen Pierce a Business Optimization specialist,
~ Stu McLaren an Expert on Affiliate Management,
~ Jim Edwards a Multi-Media Expert,
~ Mike Edwards - the Internet Audio and Video Guy,
~ Matt Bacak - Internet Marketing Expert,
~ Ray Edwards a Copywriting Expert, and, of course
~ Frank Kern a Marketing Expert and one of the coolest dudes on the Internet!

However, this is not just an event for Internet marketers. It is an event for anyone wishing to improve and expand their business. The Big Seminar is a great place to do this for several reasons.

Excellent Content
Each speaker is personally handpicked by Armand Morin the founder of the Big Seminar to ensure that they are of the highest calibre. They have to be successful in their niche and earning six figures or more and they have to be excellent teachers and presenters.

Great Networking Opportunities
The networking opportunities are excellent. Russell Brunson said he met all his joint-venture (JV) partners at a Big Seminar event and he s not alone in saying this.

To encourage and facilitate networking lunch is provided each day and there is a special dinner on the Saturday night.

An Unforgettable Experience
Armand Morin likes to create an unforgettable experience. There are great giveaways and attendees such as Dave Lakhani and Jermaine Griggs have both won cars at past Big Seminar events. Laptops have been given away as well.

Who knows what surprises Armand has in store this time around because as well as ensuring that participants have access to the latest, cutting edge strategies and techniques to market your business on and offline Armand likes to create a fun environment?

I have a very special offer. There are still some places available but this event always sells out so it they won't be available for long. If you would like to attend this event for half price, saving you almost a $1,000 then send me an email at

There is a catch though. I only have one such ticket available as you will be attending as my Special Guest so you'll have to respond quickly.

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