Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Business Success - How to Succeed as a Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur in a Slowing Economy

Success-seeking small business owners and entrepreneurs listen closely a revealing interview with Roger Hamilton, Asia's leading wealth consultant.

Click HERE to listen to this exclusive interview.

Yesterday, Daniel Priestley of Triumphant Events interview Roger Hamilton. In this interview, Roger demonstrates why he has achieved the level of success he has achieved. This guy doesn't just think outside the box - he exists outside the box.

Many aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs are not achieving the level of success they desire because they are allowing fear and all the news of economic doom and gloom to prevent them from taking ACTION.

Yet, as Roger points out the most dangerous thing you can do at a time like this is to do nothing.

So can you relate to any of the following?

"I'm sick of my job but don't know how to start my own business."

"I'm a sole trader and I'm frustrated that my earning capacity is still linked to my time."

"I have a team but there're getting paid more than me and I can't seem to expand without losing profitability."

"I don't necessarily want to expand I just want to have more freedom and time and make more money."

"I'm unsure if now is the time to be in business with the current economic climate being more hostile."

I've done lots of seminars, Internet marketing, property, trading…but I'm still a bit jaded as to whether this stuff is for real or hype."

"My circle of friends all seem to believe that me becoming wealthy is a bit of a pipe dream."

"I desperately want to be recognised as an entrepreneur who is making a difference in the world but I haven't found my original idea."

Listen to this interview and discover:

~How you can use the current economic climate to your advantage.

~Why you should and must do work you love.

~How you can tap into a global community of successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

~The best way to start a business.

~The importance of connecting with flow and connecting with the right people

~The missing factor in "The 4-Hour Workweek™" concept

~Why the last thing you need is an original idea

~Why you should travel more

~The importance of thinking on a global scale

~The distinction between money and wealth

And much more…

If Roger can deliver this in less than an hour, just think how much more you can learn by spending two and half days with him at "Your Life, Your Legacy". Discounted tickets are still available for this event but the ticket price is increasing so get your tickets now to get the cheaper price:

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So set aside 50 minutes and listen closely to this interview. Re-visit this blog if you would like to gain access to a copy of the Executive Summary of this interview.

Click HERE to listen to the Roger Hamilton interview.

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