Saturday, 15 March 2008

Your Unique Opportunity to Help Save 5 Million Acres of Virgin Rainforest

Typically, when challenges are done at Internet seminar evnts they are about making money for an individual and their business. At the World Internet Summit, currently being held in Australia, copywriting expert, Alan Forrest Smith is taking a different approach.

His aim is to raise $100,000 in three days to save 2 million acres of virgin rainforest, inhabited by the Achuar people in the Amazon region of Ecuador.

From where you live, this virgin rainforest may seem quite remote and you may feel that it is none of your concern. However, it is because of the demands of the Western world that 1.5 acres of virgin rainforest is destroyed every second.

Greed is destroying the Earth but you can help save it.

Have you ever seen rainforest land that has been recently cleared? A huge heavy chain is dragged across the land. It tears everything away leaving nothing but a scarred, raped earth. It takes seconds to clear away what has taken nature centuries to create. Trees, plants, animals, and insects that all have a right to co-exist with us on this planet with us are forever lost in an instant.

It not just the beauty and magnificence of the plants and animals that are lost; when we obliterate rainforest we obliterate potential life-saving medicines and new food sources. We lose a unique opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the beautiful planet we are part of.

Mankind's vision can be short-sighted and mankind's memory can, at times, be short. We forget that in terms of the Earth's life cycle we joined the 'party' very late indeed. We may appear to be the dominant species but we have a rather fragile existence.

It was the presence of plant life that made this world habitable for us humans. Now we are destroying the lungs of the earth at an alarming rate.

Clearing away rainforest for cash crops such as soya to feed cattle or to satisfy our lust for oil is not sustainable. If we do not take corrective measures now we are dooming our own existence.

There is irrefutable evidence of the devastation that climate change is creating. We are unwittingly creating an environment that is not conducive to our survival.

It doesn't make sense.

We forget that the Earth can survive without us. We, however, cannot survive without the Earth.

I urge you therefore to make a donation to this cause. You can donate as little as a $1. However, if you can donate more please do.

Make a pledge today.

The Achuar people have learned to live in harmony with the land. The name Achuar means "the people of the aguaje palm". They are custodians of this fragile yet rich ecosystem that they inhabit. Help them to protect it. Help save a piece of your world today.

This is a totally philanthropic cause. All donations go directly to charity, the Pachamama Alliance.

Click the link below to find out more about this unique fundraising event and to make your donation to help save 5 million acres of virgin rainforest.

Save our rainforests!

No names or email addresses will be collected so please donate now. The clock is ticking.

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