Friday, 28 March 2008

FREE Wealth Dynamics Profile and Conference Call with Wealth Creation Expert, Roger Hamilton. Places Limited - Book Now!

Do you feel that despite your best efforts you are not making progress in your life or your business? Are you running out of ideas to try? Then join me on a call next Tuesday 01 April at 2:00pm with Wealth Creation and Wealth Management Expert, Roger Hamiliton.

Roger Hamilton is a highly sought after and successful entrepreneur. He has built a fast-growing empire that consists of 18 companies from media, publishing, boutique resorts, events, property and franchising. He is also a best selling author and has spoken to over 150,000 people in over 20 countries.

He certainly knows a thing or two about wealth creation and management. And, in this FREE Business Strategy Call, Roger will reveal…

...How you can boost your cash flow in a slowing economy

The news is full of headlines pronouncing financial doom and gloom:

"King warns of 'new phase' in credit crisis"
The Guardian

"Mortgage lenders running out of cash"
The Daily Mail

"Credit crunch: Tighten your belts, this could be rough"
The Independent

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"House prices fall further in March"
The Guardian

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"Cash crisis leaves homes in jeopardy"
The Mirror

But as someone once said,

"There's a recession happening but I'm not taking part"

So join this free conference call to learn how you can:

~Boost your cash flow in a slowing economy, and

~Forge more profitable partnerships.

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However, the economy is also reeling because of another factor. Can you guess what it is?

Just recently, the National Director for Health and Work, Dame Carol Black, said that ill-health was costing the economy £100bn a year. It is also estimated that one in five Britons suffer from depression and anxiety.

In a word, the economy is reeling because people are STRESSED.

Part of the reason why stress is having such a heavy toll is that people are simply overwhelmed, overworked and overloaded. They have too many demands placed on them and too few resources.

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Another, reason is that some people simply hate what they do. This creates inner-conflict - STRESS. And it seriously impacts on your chances to be successful.

"Your chances of success are directly proportional to the degree of pleasure you desire from what you do. If you are in a job you hate, face the fact squarely and get out."
Michael Korda

So join this call to discover:

~How you can delegate 70% of the daily tasks you hate to people who are grateful to complete them, and

~How you can be handsomely paid to do what you love.

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Another cause of stress is that people are going against their natural flow.

Do you ever feel like a salmon swimming upstream? Do you feel as if everything is such an effort and yet for all the effort you are exerting you have little to show for it?

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Then join this call to discover:

~What you do right now to tap into your 'flow'.

And here's another compelling reason for you to be join this conference call.

Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs are using Wealth Dynamics Profile Test to:

~Enhance their personal development,
~Create wealth more efficiently,
~Multiply their income,
~Better understand their teams, and
~Discover how to make their life fun.

The Wealth Dynamics Profile Test normally costs $100 but you can get it FREE!

Your FREE Bonus Gift

Yes, for the first time ever, just 300 can take this invaluable Wealth Dynamics Profile Test for FREE!

Your Free Online Wealth Profile will be activated during the call and so you have to be part of this call to access it. So click the link below to sign up for this call:

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Perhaps, you have a question that you'd like Roger Hamilton to answer. Then once you sign up for this one-of-a-kind conference call, you will be given the opportunity to submit your question(s) to Roger.

This conference call will provide you with answers to some of your most pressing questions about generating wealth in these challenging times. Best of all, it will show you how you can earn more money doing the things you love and the things you are most naturally suited to.

And isn't that what life should be about - doing what you love?

Click HERE to join me for this FREE conference call with wealth creationa dn wealth management expert, Roger Hamilton, on Tuesday 01 April.

Places are limited to just 300 and are guaranteed to go FAST! So ACT NOW to avoid disappointment.

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