Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Attend Roger Hamilton's "Your Life Your Legacy" And Create the Environment for Your Success

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Roger Hamilton, Asia's leading wealth consultant will be presenting:

"Your Life, Your Legacy"

14-16 April 2008, Alexandra Palace, London

Continued professional development is essential if you want to keep abreast of the latest innovations and to continue to expand your knowledge and awareness. Without it, you will find yourself lagging behind and both your personal and business growth will suffer as a consequence.

Attending seminars and other live events is recognized as one of the best ways to continue your professional development is critical no matter what field you are in. You benefit from:

1. The quality of information presented, and
2. The quality of the relationships you build through networking.

In fact, many individuals will argue that the latter is often more important than the former when attending a high-profile event because, naturally, the quality of the event will have an impact on the quality of the people attending.

Friendships as well as high-level business partnerships are created at the best events.

There is also another benefit of attending live training events attended by a high-caliber audience. You will often find that great ideas are sparked in your mind when you are surrounded by individuals who are high-level thinkers. Plus you can often find just the input needed to help you take your idea from concept to reality.

It is for these reasons that Skyline Coaching is proud to be associated with "Your Life, Your Legacy". We have secured specially reduced tickets which will be available until the end of this week only.

By clicking the link below you can secure tickets for only £108.70 saving you £290 off the early-bird ticket price of £399.

Discounted Tickets for "Your Life, Your Legacy"

Special Bonus Gifts

Included in this price are two very special bonus gifts:

1. FREE Wealth Dynamics Profile

The Wealth Dynamics Profile is valued at $100 and will help you to discern, among other things, whether you are a creator like Bill Gates or a deal-maker like Donald Trump.

2. FREE download of "Your Life, Your Legacy"

You will get a FREE download of Roger Hamilton's most recent book "Your Life, Your Legacy" which profiles the world's greatest entrepreneurs.

Sometimes the best way to improve your business is to take yourself out of your business. Tim Ferriss, author of "The 4-Hour Workweek™", discovered that by spending less hours working in his business that his profits actually soared.

So take a little time away from working in your business and immerse yourself in an environment that enable you to gain new perspectives and new insights that will:

1. Take your business to a new level,
2. Enable you to create powerful new connections,
3. Empower you to achieve your personal goals,
4. Create a legacy to be proud of, and
5. Create MASSIVE SUCCESS in both your personal and professional life!

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