Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Take Action if You Want to Achieve Your Goals

The other day I noticed a prime piece of beach front land for sale in Barbados. Now, at this time, I do not have the money to make such an expensive purchase, although it would be a valuable investment. Nonetheless, I couldn't help but imagine the kind of house I'd build there, the sights and sounds that I'd see and hear everyday if I were to live at such a location.

A couple of days later there was a big "SOLD" sign slapped over the "FOR SALE" billboard. For a moment, I felt an irrational sense of disappointment and here's my point.

While I was 'thinking' about owning that particular piece of real estate, someone else was 'ACTING' on the same idea. The fact that I wasn't seriously interested in buying that plot of land is neither here nor there. The important thing to note is that failure to take action is why most people fail to achieve their goals.

Having a dream and following through to bring it to fruition is very different from simply daydreaming. So here's my advice.

Examine the goals you have currently set and see if there are any that you are just dreaming about. Ask yourself how much you really want to achieve that goal. If it is indeed something that you truly desire then you are going to have to become committed to the idea of manifesting your goal. However, maybe this goal is no longer a priority for you. If this is the case, cross it off your list so that you don't waste any more time and energy thinking about it. Instead, you can devote that time and energy to the goals you are passionate about.

Now take a look at these goals. Among them, is there one that you are not taking action on? Maybe the goal is so BIG it scares you. Remember, even big goals consist of small steps.

Allow me share a story with you based on a movie I saw recently. I'll call the lead character Tom; I remember storylines but often forget the names of characters in movies. Anyway, Tom was on an Antartica expedition when one of the research scientists fell through the ice, severely breaking his leg as he did so. Just his head and shoulders remained out of the icy water. Tom managed to pull the scientist out of the hole with the help of his dogs but the scientist's condition was critical. He urgently needed medical attention. Tom ditched all the equipment and supplies that were on the sled so that he could lay the injured scientist on it. Then dogs then pulled the men to the relative safety of the base.

I say "relative" because the base camp was in the process of being evacuated plus the level of medical attention that both men now needed was not available at the base camp. So they were flown out but the dogs had to be left behind. Tom was very reluctant to leave the dogs behind and it was only because he was assured that they would shortly come back for the dogs that he agreed to leave them. Before he left he tightened their collars to prevent them from getting loose. Then the small plane took off to the clamour of chains and barking dogs. The dogs were left fully exposed in that harsh environment.

Unfortunately, deteriorating weather conditions meant that Tom was unable to return for the dogs as planned and, with winter setting in, the complete evacuation of the continent was in progress and travel to Antarctica ground to a halt.

When Tom returned to the US he tried numerous ways to get back to his dogs. His efforts were to no avail. He was tortured with guilt and completely distraught. Weeks went by and then months but the passage of time did nothing to assuage his guilt. Finally, he decided to travel to New Zealand and from there he would try to get to Antarctica, though at this point he didn't know how. So he went as far as he could go on his own steam and then finally, things fell into place and he was able to complete his journey.

The story had a happy ending. The dogs had managed to free themselves and all but one of them had survived. Tom and his dogs were at long last reunited.

The point of this story is to do whatever you can to achieve your goal. Break your goal into small steps and just take whatever action you can to keep moving towards your goal. If you do this the way will be shown to you. As Stephen Pierce says,

"Never let what you cannot do stop what you can do TODAY."

What is Standing in the Way of You Achieving Your Goals?

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  1. Hello,

    Thank you for this post. I have seen the movie you were referring to. And while I was touched by it in a different way, I appreciate how you pulled out this insight of taking action to achieve your goals from that movie.

    Now I have more than one insight from that. I felt thankful for your post and am doing something about that by writing to you.

    So thanks again!

    Footholds For Favorable Outcomes