Friday, 28 December 2007

From Hood to Good to Hollywood

In High School he was voted Class Favourite, Home-coming King and Most Likely to Be Remembered. Yet for a time, because of the path he trod, he could have been remembered for all the wrong reasons. He was a drug-dealer before the compassion of a mother to forgive the murderer of her son helped to convince Johnny Wimbrey to turn his back on a life that would have most certainly landed him in jail if he wasn't killed first.

Today, Johnny Wimbrey is on his way to Hollywood to launch his own television show - The Johnny Show®.

Many told him he couldn't do it, reminded him of the many that had tried to break into television and failed. Johnny simply smiled and looked to those who not only told him he could host his own TV show but also how he could achieve such a feat. This is not to say that Johnny surrounds himself with "yes" people. He is simply a man who knows his own mind and has overcome incredible odds to become a best selling author of "From the Hood to Doing Good" and a world-renowned keynote/motivational speaker.

He did not have an auspicious start to life. He was born in the projects. His family lived on welfare. His earliest childhood memory is being in a home for battered women. His father was alcoholic. You could say that he didn't have much in his favour and he zigzagged across a very fine line between, for want of a better term, good and evil.

As a teenager, he could be selling drugs on the street on Saturday night and singing hymns in church on Sunday morning. One thing was evident. If he continued to live life this way, the future did not bode well.

He survived a shooting incident that to this day baffles those who witnessed it. That night Johnny should have ended up laid out on a cold slab in a morgue but he was given a second chance which he embraced with all his might. He decided to turn his back on life in the hood and instead become a force for good. Dr Denis Waitley, leading keynote speaker and author of "Psychology of Winning" and "Seeds of Greatness" had this to say about Johnny:

"When Johnny speaks, I listen and learn. Already a superstar in our profession, he is inspirational, educational, and transformational. From a background of less than ordinary, his life story is nothing short of extraordinary. No one exemplifies freedom of choice better than Johnny Wimbrey."

So today, Johnny surrounds himself with people who celebrate his life and the fact that he will be hosting his own television show is something worth celebrating. He has mentored scores of individuals to achieve financial independence and has touched the lives of thousands of people across the globe, through his motivational speaking. Through the medium of television he will be able to positively influence the lives of millions.

When one takes a look at his life you get the feeling that, despite his accomplishments, he is just getting started. He epitomises what it means to be unstoppable and to such a man all that is left to say is:

"Go Johnny! Go!"

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