Friday, 7 September 2007

Expand Your Awareness if You Want Greater Success

How often have you heard that "Success is a journey, not a destination"? You cannot achieve lofty goals (and your goals should be lofty or else they are not worthy of you) if we do not grow. To achieve your goals and achieve greater success in life you have to expand your awareness.

"Higher values - improved results, are always the expression of a higher degree of conscious awareness."
Bob Proctor

You cannot achieve something of higher value without increasing your value through what you know and comprehend.

However, the ultimate in understanding goal achievement is to realise that you already have that which you desire. The key is to understand and accept you. The thing is we often fight ourselves and set up our own obstacles that block us from what we want.

Our infighting stunts our growth. Our journey is not about achieving perfection. No one is perfect. Our greatest teachers, mentors and coaches are all flawed. It is often their very flaws that helped shape them. It is this that endears us to them for it gives us hope that we too can achieve greatness. But in our quest to achieve greater success in life we often forget this. It's about learning to live with our imperfections knowing that our imperfections give us strength and character.

What Richard Bach said has so much truth:

"You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true."

Similarly, as Dr John Demartini explains it:

"Unless you realise you already have what you're searching for the Universe gives you resistance until you acknowledge you have. The second you realise you already have it the Universe provides it."

What a paradox. You already have what you want. It's just that your awareness is no sufficiently developed so that you can see it. The only way to realise this is to still your mind. Stop the fighting and the contradictory thoughts that are draining you of your power. When you still your mind you are able to find the answers that you seek. You have to go inwards so that you can expand outwards.

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