Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Five Steps to Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Ideal Life

The Law of Attraction is continually at work whether you are aware of it or not. Everything in the Universe is made of energy. Everything vibrates and therefore emits energy and so you draw into your life everything that you are in resonance with.

You have literally attracted everything in your life good and bad, positive and negative. However, we are not hapless victims of this powerful universal force that is unless we choose to be, for we have choice and it is our choices in life that will either enrich us or impoverish us. We can actively choose to use the Law of Attraction to create our ideal life.

"Your only purpose in life is to make choices. Once the choice is made, the whole universe moves to bring into fruition that which you chose."

The movie, The Secret, has been a phenomenal success in helping hundreds of thousands of individuals to decode the Law of Attraction and apply it successfully to their lives. There are several guidelines on how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest the things you desire in life - great health, loving relationships, abundant wealth, etc. The strategies of different teachers/philosophers, etc. may vary slightly but in essence they are virtually the same. One way of putting it in a nutshell is to say that what you focus on grows or as Oprah says:

"You become what you think about."

However, for many this is over-simplistic because, in reality, it takes a lot more than just thinking about what you want.

I personally like Joe Vitale's five-step process to using the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want:

1. Know what you don't want.
2. Select what you do want.
3. Clear all negative or limiting beliefs.
4. Feel what it would be like to have, do or be what you want.
5. Let go. Act on your intuition and allow the results to manifest.

Now let's unpack this because there is actually more than meets the eye here. To miss or foul up any one of these steps will result in your not getting what you want but that which you have been unconsciously thinking about. The two are not necessarily the same.

1. Know what you don't want.

Fortunately, the first step is usually easy. In fact, the key to discovering what many people don't want is often to ask them what they do want! People are often very clear about this. The problem is that these thoughts dominate their thinking and then they wonder why their life isn't turning out the way they want it to.

"Because you counter the majority of your thoughts with opposingthoughts, you believe that you are not powerful. When you no longer split your flow of energy with contradictorythoughts, you will know your power."

So while it is important to be clear on what you don't want, once you've done this simply put those thoughts aside. This is all about clarity and so the next step is to get clear on what you do want.

2. Select what you do want

This is where may people become a cropper. They are vague and wishy-washy about what they want and, to make matters worse, they deviate. They want this and then that and maybe this again. Imagine being in a restaurant and ordering the fish dish, then after the chef has started to prepare your meal you change your mind and ask for the chicken dish instead. Then you decide that perhaps a vegetarian option would be healthier and then you change your mind yet again and request the fish dish. The chef would probably slam his pans down in disgust and storm out of the kitchen – you'd be lucky to get anything at all.

In the Universe we have a magical chef at our disposal and our job is to be as precise as possible in defining what we want with one exception which I'll mention in a moment. We want the steak - well done with caramelised onions, scalloped potatoes and accompanied by a fresh, crisp green salad with no dressing. Or we want better. Now, this doesn't equate to being indecisive it opens up new and more marvellous possibilities. Yes, after you have crystallised in your mind what you want leave yourself open to receiving something even better than you could conjure up yourself.

Next time – "Clear all negative or limiting beliefs".

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