Monday, 20 November 2006

To Achieve Higher Goals You Must Raise Your Game

When we were children our parents would slow down for us to make sure that we didn't get left behind and somehow, some of us have never gotten out of the habit of expecting people to slow down and or adapt to our wants. When you want something of a higher nature you have to speed up. By that I don't necessarily mean that you have to go faster but you must raise your vibrational level so that you resonate with that which you are striving to attract.

I was tuning in to yet another live web seminar recently, the person being interviewed was Matt Bacak. The theme of his interview was Internet Marketing From Scratch: Convert Your PC into an ATM Machine and he was relaying some fabulous material – no waffle, just pure content.

He had literally just finished a live seminar and you could tell he was still hyped and, rather than take time out to relax, here he was doing a virtual seminar. He was talking quite quickly but I didn't mind, like I said he was giving pure content.

Listeners could submit questions during the discussion and someone asked if Matt Bacak if he could please slow down. I was aghast. "No," I thought. "Don't slow down. This is so good! If you slow down we'll receive less information."

Matt Bacak paused almost like a lion that is feeding and is suddenly alerted to potential danger. I held my breath and then, seeing that it was a false alarm, Bacak simply plunged right back into his presentation. I exhaled. Phew!

I recognise that people have different learning styles but listening in had the opportunity to purchase both the recordings of the interview plus the notes.

I thoroughly enjoyed that interview. I picked up lots of tips which I'm still putting into action and that interview was days ago. Something interesting also happened to me the day after that interview.

Following Bacak's interview I listened to the midnight interview and then went to bed. When I woke up that morning the first thing I said to myself, "I know how to do it." I had been trying something with regards to a website but I had been experiencing difficulty in implementing it. When I woke up that morning I knew that I could now do it.

Now, if you had asked me how I was going to do it I wouldn't have been able to tell you. I just knew that the next time I sat down at my computer I would be able to complete this task; of this I was absolutely certain. So certain, in fact that I didn't even feel the urge to rush to my computer and test my new-found knowledge. I just knew that when the time came I would know what to do.

And you know what? That's exactly what happened. I instinctively knew what to do although I hadn't given this particular problem any conscious thought.

This is a relatively simple example but I do believe that Matt Bacak helped to raise my awareness and so I was able to tap into a higher consciousness and extract the information I needed. It is as Bob Proctor says,

"Higher goals – improved results are always the expression of a higher degree of conscious awareness."

This is why listening to educational CDs, watching DVDs, attending seminars and conferences is so important. It's not what is directly communicated to you; it's what is indirectly communicated as well. Thoughts have energy.

So when you're striving to accomplish something that you've never accomplished before you have to raise your game.

Raise your energy and get into the game. It's like a football or basketball player who is stuck on the bench. When given the opportunity to play you've got to get up, warm up and then go make your mark. You can't contribute from the sidelines.

Find someone who has achieved what you want to achieve and see if they would mentor you. If it's not possible for them to mentor you then simply studying these individuals will help you to learn how to think like them.

Associate with winners and high achievers. As Anthony Robbins says,

"People's lives are a direct reflection of their peer group."

So find a peer group who is playing higher than you and or form a team who will challenge you.

And, maybe the next time you find that someone is playing higher than you don't ask that they step down to your level discover how you can step up to theirs.

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