Saturday, 18 November 2006

Coincidences, Change and Transformation

While listening to an interview with Janet and Chris Attwood from Healthy Wealthy n Wise a series of coincidences started to occur. I was listening online and my email account happened to be open. Janet Attwood was talking about Jack Canfield and I wrote his name in the top right hand corner of my note book. After his name I started to write Harv Ecker. I was writing the names of mentors whose courses I wanted to do in the New Year.

As I was writing Harv Ecker's name I heard Janet Attwood mention Harv Ecker. I raised my eyebrows. Next I wrote Mark Victor Hansen, as I did this a solitary email popped into my account. It was, yep, you've guessed it, from Mark Victor Hansen. But that was only part of the coincidence.

You see moments earlier I had written the words "Transformation Leadership Council" which is Jack Canfield's spiritual network of speakers and trainers. Janet Attwood was telling the story of how the TLC has ensued from Jack taking the Passion Test and realising this was something he very much wanted to do. I remember thinking to myself how I would like to be part of such a network. In the subject line of Mark Victor Hansen's email was the word "Transformation".

Well, I almost dropped my pen. While I wasn't expecting a Neale Donald Walsch experience, I felt nonetheless, that the Universe was clearly sending me a message and an important one at that. I don't believe in coincidences. The only problem was I didn't know what the message was or what action I should take but now, and only now as I write this do I think I know what the message is.

Later I read Mark Victor Hansen's ezine which was on the subject of change. He recommends re-defining change as transformation and seeing the changes we make our transformation to a higher state of existence. However, what really resonated with me was the following:

"You are where you are because you want to be there. If you want to be somewhere else, you'll need to change."

That struck a nerve. I know that we create our existence and I'll admit that there are things that I am working on changing in my life. When working with clients I sometimes ask them what payback they are receiving for maintaining a situation that they are unhappy about. Sometimes they become somewhat offended that I should even contemplate asking such a question. Yet, as we discuss it further it becomes apparent what their payback is.

Hearing this expressed another way struck a nerve but I resisted the urge to argue. "What do you mean I want…" but the fact remains that if I don't want these things in my life I will have to change. And as they say, to change much is to grow much.

Quote for Today

"A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before we changed."
Earl Nightingale
1921-1989, Author and Radio Personality

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